Easiest Way To Transfer Data From Android To iPhone

How to Transfer data from android to ios

Looking for transferring data from your old android phone to iPhone?

You have just purchased a new iPhone, and the first thing which comes to mind is how to transfer whole data from your Android phone to this phone.

Well, there are hundreds of applications which transfer data between android to android phone, but when it comes to android to iPhone, the number becomes slim.

But, do not worry, today we are going to reveal methods to transfer data from Android to iPhone.

You can use these methods, and within no time, you can transfer all your data and make your new iPhone home with all your precious data.

What data you can expect to transfer between Android and the iPhone?

Well, we want to clarify on this point as people really don’t understand which data will exactly get on your iPhone when you do these transfers.

  • All your important SMS details
  • Your important photos in the gallery
  • All information of SIM such as
    • Contacts
    • Notes
    • Bookmarks
    • Call history
    • Messages
    • Voice mails
  • All data regarding WhatsApp
  • Data regarding safari history
  • All our video and music files present in the gallery
  • The all-important date on calendars and notes

Note: as Android application is different from Apple Apps, you need to install new apps corresponding to iPhone.

Method #1 Install Syncios data transfer PC application

In this method, you need to install Syncios data transfer for iOS and Android Application.

Syncios data transfer is software which is designed to transfer data between

  • Android devices
  • iOS devices
  • iCloud
  • iTunes
  • or from a computer directly

you can use Syncios data transfer to transfer data from Android Smartphone to iPhone and vise Versa.

A requirement of transferring data between Android and iPhone

Steps to transfer data between Android and iPhone


Install the Syncios Data Transfer on your computer to start the process. Click and run the application after you have installed it.

Syncios Data transfer has three modes

  • Transfer
  • Restore
  • Backup

You need to select Transfer option to sync data from Android to iPhone directly.


In this second step, you need to connect both the Smartphone to your Computer. Android phone and iPhone to your computer to start the transfer process.

Syncios Data transfer -android to iOS

After your phone is detected by the software, make sure the Android phone is on the left of your dashboard and iPhone is on your right side of your Dashboard.

You need to make sure that the Android phone is in the source file and the iPhone is on Target device. If you want to exchange the position, then click on the flip button present in the dashboard.


After selecting the correct position of your Smartphone, you need to click on the Next button.

It will open a new window on which you need to choose which type of files you need to transfer between these two smartphones.

Option available are

  • Media
    • Camera Roll
    • Photo Library
    • Audio
    • Video
  • Information
    • Contracts
    • Message Chats
    • Call history
  • Other
    • Bookmarks

Select all the option and click on next.

All your data files will be transferred to the iPhone without any problem.

Method #2 By installing App Move to iOS in Android

In this method, you will move all your data from Android to iPhone Smartphone.

Move To iOS data transfer app to iOS

The requirement of Transferring data from Android to iPhone

  • Android and iPhone
  • Android app – Move to iOS
  • Good Wi-Fi Connection

One of the easy methods to transfer all your data to the iPhone without worrying about any data loss.  

Step 1

Start setting up your new iPhone and reach windows which call “Apps & Data’

Now tap on the option “Move data from Android “option

Step 2

Now open your Android phone and browse to Google Play Store and install Move to iOS app.

Open Move to iOS app and accepts all permission

Step 3

iPhone will sync with your Android phone and will throw 12-digit code.

You need to put this 12-digit code to your Android mobile

Step 4

After confirming the 12-digit code, iPhone and Android mobile will be paired, and your data transfer will begin.

You need to fill Google Account info in your iPhone if you want to get all data from it.

Your bookmarks, messages, contacts, camera roll, video, the audio will be transfer using this method.

After all the data transfer completes, you need to tap on “Continue setting up iPhone” option present in the screen.

You need to log in with new or existing Apple ID to your iPhone to complete all process.

Note: depending on your Wi-Fi speed, your data will be transfer from Android to iPhone. It takes roughly 10 minutes to send 500MB data from Android to iPhone on 10MBPS line.

Final words

So, these are the easiest method to transfer data between your Old Android Smartphone to your New iPhone. This method can be used to transfer data from Android to iPad also.

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