Toon Blast Beginner Guide And Strategy

Toon Blast beginner guide

Do you love a 3-puzzle game which can give you hours of entertainment, apart from sharpening your mind?

Well, we are talking about Toon Blast Game which has more than 50million downloads from Google Play store.

Toon Blast game has created history and crosses more than $300 million in revenue in 2019. With more and more people joining the Puzzle mania, you should not be left behind.

Join now in Toon Blast and start clearing all the puzzles with ease by using our Tips and tricks.

Toon Blast Beginner Guide for 2021

When you start playing the Toon Blast , you will be surprised how easy it seems to clear all those similar looking cubes on the puzzle board.

Toon Blast game is based on the 3-puzzle game, which means that you need to match 3 similar pieces to make a pattern and this will clear it from the board.

Now if you reach level 6, you will feel that something is not right with the game and it seems difficult to clear the levels.

For all those people who are struck in different levels here are some basic guidelines which will help you clear it with ease.

6 Toon Blast Strategy to clear your levels.

  1. Start clearing from the bottom
  2. Make combos and clear levels
  3. Use Booster and clear levels
  4. Build a team or join Team
  5. Get details about game Obstructs
  6. Use game items to clear levels

Guide for Toon Blast to play like Pro

1. Start clearing from the bottom

One of the top tricks to clear any difficulty level in Toon Blast is to start clearing from the bottom of the puzzle board.

When you start clearing the cubes from the bottom, you will get plenty of more option to match, as blocks will fall from the top. Matching different pattern in the last row will also ensure that you can look for more combos or different patterns.

We advise you all to start playing your game from the bottom to avoid any obstruction.

2. Make combos and clear levels

You need to know different types of combos in the game which need matching of five or more similar cube to make combos.

These combos are a game changer and need to deal properly to clear any difficult levels. As we have discussed earlier that combos require more than 5 similar cubes, here are all the three combos of Toon Blast.

Rocket is the most basic combos which require five similar cubes. It can clear whole row or column in Toon Blast when activated. Rocket is a great level clearer when used in conjugation with other combos.

Bomb combos can be earned when you combine seven similar cubes in the puzzle board. The bomb is deadly combos which can clear eight surrounding cubes in the Toon Blast Puzzle.

Disco Ball can clear the similar color cube in the Puzzle board with one click. Disco ball can be made using nine similar color cubes in the puzzle board in Toon Blast.

3. Use Booster and clear levels

There is 04 Booster which can be used to clear any difficulty level in Toon Blast.

Do not confuse with combos with Booster; combos can be made with matching different pattern in the game.

Whereas, Booster needs to be earned from Toon Chest or Star Chest or as a gift when you clear any level in Toon Blast.

All the booster which you can find in Toon Blast is given below

  • Hammer
  • Boxing Glove
  • Anvil
  • Dice Boosters

4. Build a team or join Team

When you clear level 20 in Toon Blast, you will be given a chance to join any team or form any team.

Now If you want to create any team, it will require lots of coins, to avoid that you can join an active team.

Joining the team in Toon Blast gives you a few benefits which are given below

  • You will get extra life from Team members
  • You will also get strategies to clear your levels
  • Join Team will give you extra coins
  • If you help any team member, then you will receive coins

5. Get details about game Obstructs

Toon Blast also has many games obstructs which can make your progress difficult and you have to use booster to clear your levels.

There are many games obstructs in Toon Blast which can give you a headache, some of them are as follows

  • Balloons
  • Ducks
  • Bubbles

To clear these difficult Game Obstructs you need to remember the thumb rule “start clearing from the bottom’.

Mix different combos to clear all the game obstructs, occasionally use booster to clear your levels in Toon Blast.

6. Use game items to clear levels

Toon Blast will reward you when you start clearing different levels in the game. You will be reward with stars, Coins, Chest, and Boosters when you clear levels.

Always remembers to use these rewards to clear your difficult levels, do not pile them up to use later.

Final words

So, these is the Toon Blast beginner guide, by using which you can start clearing any levels in the 3-puzzle game.

We advise you all to clear the puzzle board from the bottom so that you will find many matching patterns from the top.

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