Best Stock Market Mobile Apps To Track Portfolio

Best Stock Market Apps for Android and IOS

Are you regular invest in Stock market?

Well, if you are a regular investor in the stock market, then you know how important is Stock market tracking software.

You can use all expensive tracking software to check your Portfolio, or you can check our exclusive list of inexpensive apps to track your stocks.

We have summaries top 10 stock Markets Apps to track your Portfolio for iPhone and Android.

Use these apps for monitoring and getting an insight into any stocks for better performance and earning.

List of best 10 Stock Market Apps for iPhone and Android

1. Stocks Tracker (app): Real-time stock

Real-Time Stocks (app) Track & Alert is developed by Dajax LLC and has all features which can be used to track your investment.

You can get information regarding any stock for the last three years with profit loss charts.

real time stock tracking app

Apart from all these, there are many features which are worth mentioning.

  • Used to track your stock position in real-time
  • You can use this app to customizes triggers as per your requirement
  • It can calculate metrics of your stock’s performance according to market
  • Supports various languages
  • You can play virtual trading and win real money
  • Get information about the stock of the day before the stock market begins
  • You can create an unlimited watchlist for your stocks
  • You can create unlimited Portfolios
  • Add unlimited stocks in your Portfolios
  • You can get gain/loss summary per portfolios daily
  • Get information on any stock
    • 52-week high or low
    • Strong volume gainer or Loser per day or week
    • MACD crossover
    • ADX uptrend or downtrends

Download Stocks Trackers app for Android

Download stocks Trackers app for iPhone (app) Online Trading app is the best online trading software which has many features such as risk management, SmartFeed, alert for the negative balance.

If you are using software, you can access more than 2000 markets, including crypto, where you can buy or sell these stocks. stock market app has some unique features which are given below

  • Winner of UK Forex Awards for best forex trading app 2018
  • Transparent brokerage service provider of the year 2018 for Europe
  • Get zero commission on day trades
  • Track all your stocks with real tracking
  • Get leverage of 1:200 (for professional only)
  • Get help from 75 technical indicators for any stock
  • Get a notification on which stock to buy before the market starts
  • Get the support of highly technical analysis
  • Use the SmartFeed Algorithm to get maximum out of your stock
  • Start your Stock trading with a minimum deposit of $100

Download Capital app for Android

Download Capital app for iPhone

3. Trading 212 (app) Stocks, Forex, Crypto, and Gold

One of the best apps which are awarded as UK’s #1 trading app, Trading 212, will never disappoint you with its performance.

You can use this trading app to deal with Stocks, Forex, Crypto, and Gold. Some of the unique features of Trading 212 is given below

Trading 212 Stock Market App
  • Use to track all your stocks and crypto
  • You can use this app to purchase gold and forex also
  • You can see particle stock market with virtual money
  • More than 1800+ CFDs and indices to supports any stock
  • You can also get tight spreads even at news time
  • Easy to understand charts regarding technical analysis
  • Available in many languages
  • Know for easy user-interface of the app

Download Trading 212 app for Android

Download Trading 212 app for iPhone

4. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is used to monitor stocks position or shows you how your stocks or portfolio is performing according to the market.

TD Ameritrade is used for research purpose for any stocks with its in-depth market data and can customize trigger as per your need.

TD ameritrade App

Some of the unique features of TD Ameritrade are given below

  • Get in-depth market data of any stock
  • You can create triggers according to your need for any data
  • Get real-time data and keep up to date with stock movement
  • Get real-time streaming quotes and helpful charts
  • You can also track options chains or ETFs (exchange-traded funds)
  • You can also transfer funds to any other account using this platform
  • You can use fingerprint authentication to sign in and authorize trades

Download TD Ameritrade for Android

Download TD Ameritrade for iPhone

5. Plus500: (app) CFD Online Trading on Forex and stocks

Plus500 app has more than 5million verified installs from Google Play Store and is best stocks tracking app.

Plus 500 Stock market app for android

With Plus500 app you can check many thinks apart from stocks such as

  • You can trade CFDs on
    • Stocks
    • Forex
    • Indices
    • Commodities
    • FTFs
    • Options
    • Cryptocurrencies
  • Plus500 is no #1 CFDs Trading Platform in Europe
  • You can also get detail technical analysis on each stock
  • You can also trade on
    • Gold
    • Oil
    • Silver
    • EUR/USD
    • S&P 500
  • You can also trade cryptocurrency CFDs such as        
    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Litecoin
    • IOTA
  • Get risk management and funds protection
  • Get free trading demo mode to buy/sell stocks
  • Multi-language support available

Download plus500 for Android

Download Plus500 for iPhone

6. Schwab Mobile app

Schwab Mobile app is developed by “The Charles Schwab Corporation” and can be used to manage or research your present stocks.

Schwab mobile app for stock market

Schwab mobile app has many unique features which are given below

  • You can use this app with Schwab Bank account
  • Free to use the application to track your Portfolio
  • Check your brokerage with banks
  • Trade or edit or cancel stock using this app
  • Secure log in using fingerprint or Passcode
  • You can get Schwab Bank Visa® Platinum Debit Card
  • You can also open a new brokerage account with Schwab bank accounts
  • All in one for budget app and stock tracking app

Download Charles Schwab for Android

Download Charles Schwab for iPhone

7. Stockpile: (app) Stock Trading & Investing Made Simple

One of the best app when you are starting new, you can start with $5 and start purchasing stock with a stockpile.

stockpile  Mobile app

Stockpile is known for investing app with tracking of Portfolio on multiple stocks. There are many unique features of Stockpile which are

  • You can start investing with $5 in Stockpile app
  • No Monthly or annul fee, only 99 cents per trade
  • Start with lower money like $5, $10, $20 or $50 with Stockpile
  • Gain insight into any stock by checking the stock history and 52 high/low
  • Make a Portfolio and invest in diversifying to save you hard earn money
  • Learn how to earn on different stocks and then invest big on any good stock
  • You can also invest ETFs manages by
    • Fidelity
    • Vanguard
    • Blackrock
  • You can also buy or sell different cryptocurrency
  • Kids and teen can also open an account with custodian trading account
  • Safe and secure app for kids and family

Download stockpile app for Android

Download Stockpile app for iPhone

8. StockTwits: (app) Stock Market Chat

One of the best apps to check all your Portfolio stocks and other indices. StockTwits can be used to check new trends as well as old trends to get an insight of any stocks.

Stocktwist stockmarket app for iphone and android

StocksTwits is used to give real-time feeds on different stocks every day to keep you update with the latest news.

Some of the features of StockTwits are as follows

  • Free to use the app
  • StockTwits covers all social media and gathers information about all stocks
  • If you want any news specific to any stock, then go to StockTwits and get it
  • One of the best places to get the latest information and buzz on any stock
  • Get market trends and build your own Portfolio
  • Get information on stocks which everyone is taking

Download StockTwits for Android

Download StokTwits for iPhone

9. E*Trade: (app) Invest. Trade. Save

E*Trade mobile application is the best solution for maintaining your stock and checking your portfolio. You can create multiple portfolio and keep on adding different stocks under it.

E*Trade App

Some of the best features of E*Trade is given below

  • You can use this app for investment and tracking Portfolio
  • Get real-time streaming quotes, charts and other option for your Portfolio
  • Get real-time alert for the stocks which are near your trigger prices
  • You can create unlimited watchlist and triggers for your stocks
  • Stay updated with real-time news and live Bloomberg video
  • Secure and safe app
  • Free application to track your Portfolio and stocks

Download E*Trade for Android

Download E*Trade for iPhone

10. Ticker Stock Portfolio Manager

Ticker (app) stock Portfolio manager is known for its features it provides for all stock users.

Ticker Stock Market App

You can find many unique features of Ticker Stock manager, some of them are

  • You can manage and track multiple portfolios with charts
  • You can get details graphs and detail profit/loss for any stock
  • You can enter any trade using ticket manager
  • You can get information for any stock
    • MWRR
    • TWRR
    • 52 weeks high/low
  • You can get a notification for your stocks with trigger prices
  • The app can be used only in online mode

Download Ticker for Android

Download Ticker for iPhone

Final Words

So, these the best 10 Stock market app which can be used to track your Portfolio and manage your stock.

Always remember to use a default stock market app which will come with your Bank app. Try to connect those with these apps to get more details analysis of stocks and other indices.

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