Roblox Assassin Replacement Of PUBG

Roblox Assassin

So, which Roblox game come close to the PUBG game, which has made a storm in the gaming arena. We have come across many games which can counter PUBG and are available on Roblox, but today we will discuss on Roblox Assassin game, which can be true competitors for the PUBG game.

So, what is the Roblox Assassin Game?

Roblox Assassin popularly called as “hunt your target” is dream knife game which has all matches depend on the beautiful and deadly knives. You have to hunt your target and kill him with a knife. In the same frame, you need to save yourself from your assassin, who will not stop until you kill him, or he will kill you.

Roblox Assassin is developed by prison and has more than 460 Million active visits since it has been released on 03/05/2016. Phew, and you thought only PUBG has 10 Million active members!

The server is simple Roblox style eight vs. eight where only eight players are allowed in any game.

Roblox Assassin Gameplay

Roblox Assassin game is very simple, and you can learn within minutes. All you need to do is to select numerous knifes present in your inventory before the game begins. You can also purchase a different rare and elite knife from the menu bar with free Robux.

One of the favorite things in the game is to choose different boxes which are present on the menu. You can choose any of these boxes and pay for those boxes, after paying the box will open and will give you one knife from choosing from random knife present in the box.

One of the best things to do is to choose different boxes and check your luck before any game begin, you may get some very rare knives such are Ocean Blade (R300) or Cosmic Eye (cost 30000 Coins). You can also fuse all the knife and make them rare knives with a whisker.

Game Play is simple, you will be given a target, and you need to kill him, after that you will be given another target, and the process will repeat until the last person stands in the match.

It also has one more game mode where the half player will act like zombies, and another half will act like a normal player. Now both have to kill the opposite team member and a term as the winner.

Different Items present in the Roblox Assassin Game

There are many different items which are present in the Roblox game which you can use like there is Knives section, where you can browse and check different knife you own in your inventory.

There is pets section in which you can check different pets you have own in the game, the beauty of this game is the introduction on the small pets which will sit on your shoulder and looks cools when you play with them.

There is also affect section where you can check all the effects of your sword. Last but not the least there is a crafting section where you can craft or infuse different low-level sword and get new shining upgraded sword. This section is a life saver as you can eliminate all useless low-level sword into a shining new upgraded sword.

So, can Roblox Assassin can be the replacement of PUBG in Roblox Platform

Well, the question is still debatable, as there are many games which can be filling those voids and can truly be call PUBG competitors, but on the argument shake, Roblox Assassin has all the ingredient for a super replacement for PUBG in Roblox platform.

Final words

Comparing both the game will be not justifiable as PUBG has a different game engine with real life like environment, whereas Roblox still works on Box shape character called R6 rig with the very bitten down environment. It also did not allow massive players in one single game.

Roblox has recently release R30 rig style Anthro which can give little competition to the PUBG characters, but it is still under the beta testing and need a massive improvement from all the game developer to embrace the change. We wish Roblox Anthro become successful, till then happy gaming.

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