MovieStarPlanet Tips And Tricks To Get Fame

Moviestarplanet Tips And Tricks

Are you looking to attend fame in MovieStarPlanet in 2019?

Well, MovieStarPlanet is developed by “MoviestarPlanet ApS” for children aged between 08 to 15 years old.

One of the main USP of MovieStarPlanet is that it teaches children kindness and politeness to gain fame.

It depicts the real life scenario and makes teenager to fight with the odds and gain fame.

There are some cool features of MovieStarPlanet online

  • Create your own Avatar doll
  • Decorate your Avatar with designer cloths
  • Make new friends using the chat facility in the game
  • Decorate your room and show them to your friends
  • Take care of pets for fame and game coins
  • Make new art books and get fame
  • Make new movies and get fame
  • Follow the new magazine available in the Game
  • Design clothes and showcase them with the world
  • Play different games which are available in the game
  • Purchase VIP account and get fame and Star coins daily
  • Spin wheels of fortune and get huge rewards
  • Use diamond and gain fame without any hassle
  • Showcase your creative and make videos

How can I get Free MovieStarPlanet Codes?

Well, there are two types of MSP codes

  • MovieStarPlanet magazine code
  • MSP Gift Code

Moviestarplanet Tips And Tricks For Vip

1. Follow Social Media

You can find free MovieStarPlanet Codes or MSP Codes by just following social media groups for MovieStarPlanet on Facebook, VK, or twitter.

There are many active groups in social media which always carry out the big giveaway on MovieStarPlanet. You can join them and participate in the giveaway to win prices.

Always remember, in any giveaway, you need to fulfill certain criteria to participate in the events, such as sharing or commenting on the post.

2. Follow game forums

Let face it, MovieStarPlanet is currently the no1 game in the USA for children age between 08 to 15. There are hundreds of game forums which dedicatedly has MovieStarPlanet threads in them.

All you need to do is to find these game forums and join them to get some free MSP Gift codes. If you consider yourself lucky, you can find a free diamond which is a special giveaway in these forums.

How to redeem MovieStarPlanet Codes?

To redeem these codes, you need to follow these steps

  • Log on to your MovieStarPlanet game account
  • Click on the “setting” tab, which is on the right corner of your Dashboard
  • Click on the options present there
    • Redeem Code (for Magazine code)
    • Redeem Gift Certificate
  • Type in the gift code you receive in your email and press the Ok button
  • Your Gift will be available in your Game account

MovieStarPlanet Tips & Tricks to Gain Fame in 2021

MovieStarPlanet or MSP fame is the real hard earn value of the game, which every child needs, and this makes your avatar famous among your friends.

So, let’s dig into the MSP tips and tricks to gain fame in 2021.

1. Login Daily for Game goodies

If you want to increase your actual fame in MovieStarPlanet, then you need to log on daily.

Log in daily ensure your free game goodies in the form of “wheel of fortune,” which will provide you with daily game goodies.

You can expect to get Starcoins with a daily wheel of fortune, which is free to play. If you have free VIP enable in your account, then you can spin the VIP wheel of fortune every 04 hours.

So, our advice for all young kids is to log in daily to get a bonus and other game goodies which will help you in gaining fame in MovieStarPlanet.

2. Love pets and gain money

One of the best legit methods to gain Starcoins in MSP is to love the pets of other players.

Now, this is new features which make children more kind of pet animals. You can use this feature and gain Starcoins.

To use this feature, you need to find a different chat room created, especially for pets.

Try to find these chat rooms and look out for players who are offering Starcoins to love their pets.

You can use this feature and earn up to 2000 Starcoins in one week.

Pro tips: we appreciate the MovieStarPlanet game to introduce this feature, which will make kids responsible and show less cruelty to pets or animals.

3. Use Greets and gains fame

One of the new features which MovieStarPlanet recently included is the Greets features.

In this, you need to greet your friends, which will cost your 15 diamond and will fetch you 3000 Fame and 500 Starcoins.

So, if you want some quick fame, then you can use this feature and gain 3000 Fame within few minutes.

4. Make Artbook or Video to gain fame

Creating Artbook and making a video to gain fame and likes is the free method you can use to gain fame in MovieStarPlanet.

If you have an eye for creating new items, then you can use this feature and make artbook and video. The artbook is shown case of your imagination skills where you can use 

  • Paintbrush to make tons of items
  • Add pics and video to artworks
  • Add text, emoji, flower, frame to your drawing
  • Compete for the weekly art book contest for fame and trophy
  • You can also send artbook to your friends

5. Complete task to get Starcoins and fame

You can find many small tasks which are always going on in MovieStarPlanet.

You can find these tasks in OSCAR and SCISSOR icon present in the gaming Screen.

Click on the Oscar and scissor icon present in your screen and find a different small task which can fetch you 100 Starcoins after completion.

You can earn more than 2000 Starcoins per week when you complete these small tasks.

6. follow fame magazine

One of the best things which are available in MSP is fame magazine which resembles the real-life tabloid.

You need to follow these Fame magazines in MSP as you will find any events going on in it.

You can attend these functions and get some fame, or you can complete small events or task to get fame in a shorter time. 

7. Clear daily Quiz

There are some small quiz games which will always pop up time to time and will fetch you Starcoins from 10 to 100 upon completion.

Do not underestimate these small games, as these will help you to gain fame in the long run.

So, if you have time then try to complete these small quiz games which will pop up time to time during the day.

8. Buy Diamond and use them for fame

You can purchase diamond to gain fame overnight. Let face it; you can use artbook and video alone to gain overnight fame.

These all method are time taking and require great efforts to reach organic likes and fame.

One of the best possible methods to gain fame is to use diamond to get fame.

Pro tips: try all the free method possible before using this method.

Final words

So, these are the MovieStarPlanet 08 Tips and tricks to gain fame in 2021.

Use all the legit MSP tips and tricks given in the article for MovieStarPlanet, as you will attend fame within no time, if you implement our tricks.

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