iPad is disabled connect to iTunes (Solved)

Ipad disabled connect to iTunes

Locked out again with “iPad is disabled connect to iTunes” error message on your iPad?

Well, here is the best method which you can choose to access your iPad again with any hassle.

But first, find out why your iPad is disabled and why it is showing such a problem.

Why iPad showing problem of “Connect to iTunes”?

As we all know, iPad has security passcode which you need to enter if you want to access your iPad.

Many times, it happens, when you forget your security passcode or password and attempts too many times in a row.

This causes the iPad to think as it is stolen, and it tends to disable your attempts to safeguard your device.

Here are some of the problem you many found familiar when you use iPad

  • Doing 1-5 attempts: no problem face
  • 6th attempts: Your iPad will be disabled for 1 minute
  • 7th attempts: Your iPad will be disabled for 5 minutes
  • 8th attempts: Your iPad will be disabled for 15 minutes
  • 9th attempts: Your iPad will be disabled for one hour
  • 10th attempts: Your iPad will be disabled and give error message “iPad is disabled. Connect to iTunes”.

05 Methods to unlock iPad

iPad can be unlock using third party software, but these third party cost you money, and it is also not fully guaranteed that it will work 100 percent.

1. Use Third-Party Software

There are many iPads third party software which can erase your passcode or password when you use them correctly.

One of them is iMyFone LockWiper which has great features such as

  • It unlocks iPad passcode which is locked, broken or disable
  • It removes Apple ID and removes your present iPad password
  • It can remove 4-digit passcode, face id or Touch ID
  • Support iPad, iPhone XS(Max), iPhone 8 and iOS 12

How it works

  • You need to install this software on your PC (Mac version or windows depending on your PC OS)
  • After that, you need to connect your iPad with PC using a USB cable
  • Run the application and let it recognize your iOS device
  • One your iPad is correctly detected, check for the Firmware version
  • After verifying the firmware package, you need to click on
    • “start to unlock” to start the process
  • After successful updating the firmware, it will ask you to enter “00000.”
  • Now disconnect your iPad from PC and restart it
  • It will start without passcode

Note: all your data will be erased when you update your firmware.

2. iPad is disabled? Use iTunes to backup

This is the best method which did not involve going to any technical store or to spend money to buy expensive software.

  1. Connect iPad to PC  
  2. Disable all unnecessary cables, earphone or storage device from your iPad
  3. Now hold down the sleep/ wake button and “slide to power off” to turn off iPad
  4. Now check iPad and PC will start synching with each other
  5. After sync click on Restore iPad
  6. iOS assistant will open and select restore for iTunes backup
  7. now select your iPad and choose recent backup for our iPad
  8. all your data will be ease and backup files will be pushed into your iPad
  9. this will remove all the passcode of your iPad

3. Bypass iPad disabled with iCloud restore

The second best method to bypass disable iPad passcode is using iCloud.

iCloud space is provided to every user to keep their personal data secure in case of iPad stolen or broken.

You can use this function to recover all your precious data and bypass passcode for iPad.

  1. Browse to iCloud.com and login into your Apple account in PC
  2. Connect iPad with your PC
  3. Now select “find iPhone” and choose your iPad from the device list
  4. Now choose “Erase iPad” to erase passcode and data on your disable iPad
  5. This will erase data, passcode and touch ID
  6. Now you can access your disable iPad

4. use recovery mode to bypass disable iPad

Recovery mode is the last option when you have never sync or taken a backup of your iPad with iTunes.

You can now safely use the recovery mode to erase all data and passcode for your iPad.

  1. connect your iPad with your PC
  2. now put your iPad into recovery mode using this method
    1. using home button- press and hold the side button on your iPad until you see connect to iTunes
    1. Using face ID – press and hold the top button on iPad until recovery mode appears
  3. Now in iTunes click on “Restore” option when you get pop up screen
  4. This will erase all data and make it factory reset

5. Call your Apple Customer Care

Last option to resolve your disabled iPad is to call Apple Customer care executive and get assistance from them.

But as we have discussed all the possible method, Apple Customer care executive will also give you the same solution to restore your iPad using the above method.

Final words

So, these are top 05 methods by using you can bypass your disable iPad.

Remember, whatever method you will employ, all your iPad data will be lost, and it can only be restored if you have taken backup earlier.

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