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Are you looking for Google Play Promo Codes which works for apps in Google Store?

Well, Google and game developers’ times to time releases free Promo Codes which you can use in that game to get discount or game items for free. You will be surprised to know that there are many Google Play free Promo Codes which works across all Google Play Store and you can use them on any apps or games to perform the in-app purchase.

So, let check out all the Promo Codes which are valid for various games across the Google Play Store.

What is Google Play Promo Codes?

Google Play Promo Codes are discount codes which are developed by Google Apps Manufacturer to promote their game and used for in-app purchase in the game. Many times, Google also gives our special Promo codes like $10 to any users account which can be redeemed across any game or apps or eBooks on Google Platform. You can use
Free Google Play gift cards to purchase any items or apps present in the Google store.

What is Google Play Promo Codes for Apps?

According to Google, App developers can create promotions in Play Console, which will enable a user to purchase a paid app or in-app product or items of the game for free while using the promo code. This means that promo codes can be used to purchase any paid app in discount, or you can use them to purchase in-app purchase of items present in the app.

What is Google Play Code Discount?

Google Play Code Discount means that Play Promo codes which Game developers release in Google Store time to time to give a discount on various in-app purchases. You can check our article for detail Google Play code discount which will give you enough resource to make your in-app purchase free.

Google Play Promo Codes For PUBG?

This is the real stealer as many of the people are playing PUBG and they did not know that there are many Google Play Promo Codes for PUBG. You can use this promo code to purchase in-app purchase of PUBG for free. You can buy these items in PUBG when you use Google Play Promo codes

  • Underground money in PUBG
  • Cosmetic items of the game
  • Characters
  • New Weapons and skins
  • New Emojis
  • Other game items and boosters

Use this Google Promo Code for PUBG and grind your enemy with sheer power.


Google Play Free Promo Codes for Apps and Games Updated Regularly

So, let’s start our full promo codes for Google Play and give you a regular update on various games and apps. We also want you to ponder on this point is these promo codes did not last for many days as it depends on how many users have availed this code, so, if you did not get these code redeemed in your account, then keep on visiting this website as we are going to update Google code regularly.

1. Toon Blast Promo Codes

As you know this game uses cool cartoon characters and uses mix and match puzzle like candy crush game to clear your levels. To clear these puzzles, you need lives and Toon Blast coins which you can purchase in-app, so if you are looking for some Toon Blast promo codes then use these Google Promo code into the game app and get free lives and coins.

Toon Blast Promo codes
  • T21F2GL7354PS6EU41TPPYJ
  • 3JZY0A5S7PKB4QJS046Q743
  • N456KV11T2ST5R7UVCP67PV

2. Coin Master Promo Code

One of the best games which use casino-style wheel to make the game progress, be proud Viking king and keep on raging another people village. Get pig face, hammer or shield form the spinning wheel and start looting another people village. Use Coin Master Promo Code to get in-app purchase such as shields, Coins, hammer or other items.

Coin Master Promo codes
  • D2UA3J5YP6FD2B2B6L2V0L3
  • 1Y8V19TSQ6W599KP064X97A

3. Piggy Boom Promo Code

Piggy Boom app is developed by FENIXS and uses the same gameplay as Coin master, which involve attacking enemy base to gain coins. You need to spin the wheel to get items, and you can defend your base with cute pets. Get some free Promo code on Piggy Boom which will help you for in-app purchase.

Piggy Boom Promo codes
  • 81CDH4QEQ91KT0S4U421NV5

4. Pirate Kings Promo Code

Pirate Kings Promo codes

Pirate Kings games have been developed by Jelly Button game and have a big spin wheel which is used to give you different items use to attack other people base and get coins. You can also use Pirate Kinds Promo code to get in-app purchase for cool items to protect your base from the enemy. 

5. Boom Space Promo Code

Zhaochenchao games have developed Boom Space game app in Google Play. This game has some cool, amazing cartoon characters and some cute pets which are used to protect your base. Get some Boom Space Promo code by entering these codes

6. Pirate Master Promo Code

Do you love Pirates movies, now check the Pirate Master -coin Raid Island Battle Adventure game available in Google play store? You can spin a casino-style slot machine and collect many game items and start building your game. If you need Pirate Master promo code, then get this from here apply in Google play account. 

7. King Boom Promo Code

King Boom – Pirate Island Adventure is a casino style game which is developed by Tapps Games and has more than 100000 Install from Google Play. You can use the spin wheel to get items which can attack other people base or defend your base or get coins. Use King Boom Promo code to get many items for free on Google Store.

8. 3D Shape Google Promo Code

You can use these google promo code to download this game for free.

How to redeem Promo Codes

There are many ways to redeem Promo codes in Google Play Store; you need to follow these steps to redeem those Google Promo code.

  • Open Google Play account or log into your account
  • Click on the redeem button present there
  • Enter the code provided in the website to the redeem box
  • Your credit will be added to your Google mail account

How to redeem Promo code using apps

You need to follow the same procedure which is given above and then follow this

  • Another pop-up will come with game name in it
  • You need to put the game promo code in that to redeem the full amount

How to redeem Google Promo codes directly

Many times, you will get promo code like this way

You need to click on the link and click on redeem, as this will open a new window and your promo code will be automatically filled in that box.

Final words

We will keep on updating this article for more Google Promo codes, keep visiting our website for new promo code and apps.

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