Google Gravity Tricks Which Will Make Your Day

Google Gravity Tricks

Are you looking for Google Gravity tricks?

Well, we have summarized the top 10 Google Gravity tricks which will make your day.

What is Google Gravity, and how we can do this Trick?

Google Gravity is a trick in which your favorite search engine seems to fall down due to gravity from the bottom.

Google has started this project in 2009, and due to some reason, it has abundant this project.

But you can still access these from the third-party website by using some tricks.

Ever wonder why the “I’m Feeling Lucky” is button doing below the search box of Google?

Well, that button has one purpose of making your search more entertaining and fun. You need to type different search terms and get new search engines directly.

For example, if you search “Google Gravity” in the search bar and click on “I’m feeling lucky” button. New windows will open with a google search bar which seems to fall down due to gravity.

You can use many Google hidden gravity ticks to activate JavaScript’s, which will make your search more enjoyable and happening.

10 Google Gravity tricks which you can enjoy in 2019

As Google has stopped supporting these fancy search engine tricks, all the tricks can be performed on two third party website

  • Elgoog.Im

Now, has one disadvantage; it did not use Google search engine API, which means you cannot search for anything on this website.

Whereas, uses Google search engine API, which means you can search for anything on this website with search results are coming from Google.

Why it is important to fetch search result from google?

As you will discover, if you cannot use these third-party websites for search, it will be missing some fun. It will look like a pale look-alike website of Google which perform some simple trick.

Whereas, if you are able to search on this website as in the case of, you can surprise your friends or family.

1. Google Gravity

This is one of the oldest and most popular tricks in Google search engine know as Google Gravity.

You can find many interesting features in this

  • This trick is now available in
  • You can put a phrase such as “Google Gravity” and click on “I’M feeling lucky”
  • A new window will open, and your favorite Google search bar along with all menus will fall down to the bottom
  • It will look like they are pulled by the gravitational force from the bottom of the screen.
  • You can play with all those fallen items with your mouse
  • As this trick is taking to, you will not able to type anything in the search bar
  • For executing this trick in your PC, you need to enable JavaScript in your browser
  • You can play this trick in the latest version of chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • Surprise your friends with this trick of falling down of search box of Google

Try Google Gravity here

2. Google Gravity underwater

Want to make your Google search floating in the water?

Well, use this Google gravity underwater tricks and get some underwater experience. Some of the cool features of these tricks are

  • This trick is available in
  • Type Google gravity underwater in google and click on I’m feeling lucky
  • New windows will open, and the Google search bar will be seen floating in the water
  • You can also click on the water to get ripple effect coming from it
  • Google search bar, Google logo seems to be floating in the water with some fish
  • Many times, new items will drop from above, and that will disrupt the whole set and Google search bar seems again floating in the water
  • A trick can be performed on Firefox and chrome browser
  • You cannot search for anything in the Google search bar

Try Google Gravity Underwater

3. Google zero Gravity

One of the favorite tricks where you will find amazing zero gravity for your favorite Google search engine.

Some of the features of Google zero gravity is as follows

  • This trick is available in
  • This trick is known as Google zero gravity, Google Space or anti-gravity Google
  • When you use this trick, Google search bar and other menu items seems to defy gravity
  • They will give you the appearance of having 0 or no gravity
  • They will start floating away without any gravitation pull
  • You can use your mouse and play with all the menus and google search bar
  • Can be used in the latest version of chrome and Firefox

Try Google zero Gravity Trick

4. Google Gravity Ball Pool

Do you love playing with balls in your browser?

Well, discover a new trick called Google Gravity Ball pool where you can get many balls, and you can play with them using your mouse.

Some of the features of the Google Gravity Ball pool are

  • The trick is available on
  • Launch this trick, and you will see many balls are falling from above
  • You can drag any ball and then click on the background
  • New balls of different shapes will start falling from that point
  • You can also shake your browser and change the color of your fancy balls
  • Tricks work well with the latest browser such as chrome and Firefox
  • You can play this endless time and keep on refreshing your browser when your screen will be filled up with balls

Try Google Gravity Ball Pool

5. Google Guitar

Does your love play guitar in your browser?

No! come on how can you will play guitar in your browser?

Well, with this trick, you can play Google Guitar on your computer screen.

Some of the features of Google Guitar is as follows

  • Play Google Guitar in your Computer screen
  • Tricks are available on
  • You can use the mouse and play along with your guitar chords which are display in google logo.
  • As this trick is played on Google Logo, you can search for anything in the search bar
  • You can use the record button present in the Google Guitar
  • Play on the latest Chrome and Firefox Browser

Try Google Guitar

6. Google Barrel Roll (hidden Google Easter eggs)

There are many hidden Google Easter eggs, which you can use in the main Google search bar and get surprising results.

Some of the features of Google barrel Roll is as follows

  • Just type “do a barrel roll” in the Google search engine
  • This is a special keyword which will execute a JavaScript code which will make Google search rolls like a barrel
  • Google search bar along with menu items, will take 02 spins after you press the search button.
  • This trick was presented by Google in 2011, and it becomes an immediate hit with all internet users
  • This trick can play in all modern browsers

Note: type “do a barrel roll: in the google search bar and see the magic

7. Google Pacman Game

One of the most famous games of yesteryears Pacman, it can be relived using one simple trick known as Google Pacman trick.

How you can perform this trick

  • Google Pacman trick is available on
  • Google logo will change to the original Pacman screen
  • You will be able to play this game in your browser using arrow keys
  • You can play this game in all modern browser
  • Play Pacman game using this trick and relive your past

Try Google Pacman game

8. Google Snake Game

One of the most played game when there was no touch screen. You might have played this basic snake game on your Nokia mobile.

Some of the features of Google Snake game trick is

  • A most addictive game of all time
  • You can play this game using this simple trick
  • Available in
  • You can control your snake by arrow key present in your keyboard
  • Can be played on all latest browsers

Try Google Snake Game

9. Google Terminal Trick

Do you remember when you hit the MS-DOS command in your Windows PC?

Probably in the year 1995, yes you can now relive your old memories and get hold of old black MS-DOS terminal.

Some features of Google Terminal Trick

  • Get MS-DOS like interface in Google Search engine
  • Get cool old-time screen with CLI features
  • Google search API was disabled on the site in May 2016, so you cannot use this website to search anything
  • Check the cool looking option in different colors in MS-DOS

Try Google Terminal Trick

10. Google Tilt tricks

Do you want to learn trick which will make your Google search page tilt?

Well, you can use only one keyword, “askew,” which will make your favorite Google search page tilt to the right side of the screen.

Some of the features of Google Tilt trick is given below

  • This trick can be used on the default Google search page
  • You need to type “askew” in the Google Search bar to execute the code
  • Google Page will tilt towards the right side of the screen
  • This is Google Easter egg and can be used to surprise your friends and family
  • The trick is also available in

Try Google Tilt

Final words

So, these are the Google Gravity top 10 tricks which you can perform in your spare time. Hope you like all these weird tricks and will try it on your Google Search bar.

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