Golf Clash Pro Tips and Tricks 2021

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Golf Clash is Multiplayer Simulation game, which needs some precision to play. Golf Clash is a revolutionary game which receives many awards for its gameplay.

 Golf Clash is an innovation game which teaches you how to angle you Golf ball to get one shot glory. Here are some of the pro tips which you can use to get in the Pro league.

General Tips and Tricks of Golf Clash

  • Know your Golf Course before you proceed to play Golf Clash
  • There are more than 28 Golf Course in Golf Clash
  • You should be familiar to each Golf Course so that you know how to play the game
  • You should know how to time your shot
  • Just make the Needle in between the bull eye and give the shot to get perfect bull eye
  • You should know how to make your Golf Ball Putt

Tips and Tricks on Golf Club

  • To win any match, your best buddy is Golf Club
  • You need to purchase a new Golf Club whenever you are climbing the circuit level
  • After you purchase a new Golf Club, you need to upgrade them constantly
  • Before you dwell into the Game, learn basic about Golf Club
  • There are 07 different types of Golf Club which are present in Golf Clash
  • You need to know each where these Golf Club are used in the game
  • Each Golf Club has its own attributes and depending on the situation you need to choose the correct Golf Club
  • Whenever you buy a new Golf Club, check these attributes
    • Power
    • Accuracy
    • Back Spin
    • Top Spin
    • Ball Guide
    • Curl
  • Do not focus on only one attributes; you need to upgrade all the attributes at the same time
  • Ball Guide is the best option when you are near the putt of the ball
  • Better power option will help you hit your Golf Ball to longer distance
  • Try to purchase the best Golf Club, which is an essential part of winning any match

Tips and Tricks on Tournaments

  • You need to take part in Golf Tournaments to earn a trophy
  • You can earn a maximum of 500 trophies from different tournament
  • Some of the tour and trophies which you may collect are given below
    • Beginner Tour – earn 20 Trophies
    • West Cost – earn 50 Trophies
    • Asia Pacific – earn 100 Trophies
    • 6-Star Hotel – earn 200 Trophies
    • World Links – earn 300 Trophies
    • U.S Champions – 500 Trophies
  • If you participate in the tour and collected the maximum trophies, the game will reward you with coins

Tips and Tricks on Game Chest

  • The game chest is the free source of getting coins, gems or different clubs
  • You can also get Golf Balls in many chests
  • You can get these chests free using Golf Clash cheats, or you can purchase from Game Store
  • There are four different types of Chest in Golf Clash, and they are as follows
    • Wood Chest
    • Silver Chest
    • Gold Chest
    • Platinum Chest
  • There are many different chests such as King and Pin Chest which hold some epic cards
  • You can also earn these epic, rare cards when you make successful 08 times putt.

Tips and Tricks to get free Coins

  • If you want to earn free Golf Clash Coins, then you can use online Tools for that
  • You can also watch video ads which will come after every game
  • If you watch these video ads, you will be given game coins or other game goodies
  • Use these coins to upgrade your Golf Clubs, so that you did not miss out any match

Tips on playing sorts

  • Learn how to give Topspin and Back Spin to your Gold Ball
  • Learn how to make your Golf Ball into the hole by Putt
  • Learn how to Glide you Golf Ball to make it Putt

Final words

So these are the top pro tips and tricks which you need to know before you proceed to play Golf Clash game.

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