25 Garena Free Fire Tips To Reach Heroic Level

Garena Free Fire Tips And Tricks

Are you looking to reach Heroic levels in Garena Free Fire?

Well, every Garena free fire player has one dream to reach Heroic levels in the present seasons.

But very few of them can reach, not due to game playability but due to team combination and other factors.

Today we will discuss all the tips and tricks which you can implement and reach Heroic level in Garena free fire game.

Let’s checks 25 Garena free fire tips and tricks which can help you to reach heroic levels.

25 Garena Free Fire Tips and Tricks

Before you can start playing Garena free fire game, we want to apprise you that Garena free fire game is a mobile based game which can be played in iOS or Android Smartphone.

You can also play this game on Computer using different emulators such as BlueStacks, Memu, Nox Player or LD Players using redeem codes.

1. Know the Battle Royale Gameplay

Garena free fire falls in the Battle Royale game category, which means you need to kill all your opponent to win the match.

Free Fire is similar to PUBG, Epic Legends, or Fortnite; they all have similar game plan and requires extensive attention with great shooting skills.

You should enhance your reflexes if you want to win these battle Royale game. Garena Free Fire game has Max 50 players and game starts within 01-min.

The game starts with three mode

  • Single (you will play as a solo)
  • Duo (you will team up with one of your friends)
  • Squad  (you will be paired with three others, forming a Squad of four members)

After you select the mode, you will be entering the training center, where you can practice with your weapon and check or correct your game setting.

The game will start with Aeroplan taking all players and fly in a predefined path.

You, along with your teammates need to jump out in the map, to get to your favorite place.

One of the mottos of the game is to survive till the end and whoever stays alive in the end win, no matter how much you have killed.

So, on these lines, you need to fight battle in Garena free fire and keep yourself safe until the last minute and do a booyah.

Fun Fact

Booyah is similar to chicken dinner in PUBG.

2. Know your Game Character’s

One of the things which makes Garena Free Fire different from other Battle Royale game is the game characters strength.

Garena Free Fire Game characters

All the game characters have different strength, and you should know them all before you choose them or train them to fight your battle.

  1. Ford – Ford belongs to elite force of Navy and has Iron will which takes less damage in safe zone.
  2. Olivia– Olivia is Nurse who when heals teammates, they get extra HP., Olivia is must in every game, as teammates need a doctor during the extreme fight.
  3. Andrew– Andrew belongs to the elite force of police. Andrew has Armor specialist ability, which means decrease in Vest durability.
  4.  Kelly– Kelly can run faster than any character in a free fire, she has ability called Dash, which makes her 8% faster than anyone in free fire
  5. Nikita– Nikita belongs to professional bodyguard services. She has ability called firearm expert which makes her submachine gun reload faster.
  6. Misha– Misha is an expert car racer, she has ability called afterburner, which makes her vehicle super-fast during driving.
  7. Maxim– Maxim is super champ in eating, which means he can take medicine or mushrooms faster than anyone in the team. He got the ability to know as Gluttony.
  8. Kia– KIA is specialist in Muay Tai Martial art.
  9. Paloma– Paloma belongs to underworld arms deals. She has ability to store more AR ammo in her inventory space.
  10. Miguel– Miguel belongs to elite soldier from Special forces which means you will get extra EP when you kill any enemy. He got special ability call, Crazy Slayer.
  11. Caroline– Caroline belongs to a wealthy family, and her ability is agility which means she can run faster when holding a shotgun.
  12. Antonio– Antonio belongs to gangster family, and you will get extra HP when you start with this character. His ability is Gangster’s Spirit
  13. Wukong– Wukong is a monkey king who loves bananas and has a special ability called Camouflage. Which turn Wukong into small bush during intense fire
  14. Moco- Moco belong to the hacker community. Her special ability is Hacker’s Eye which makes enemy appears in mini-map for few seconds.
  15. Hayato- Hayato belong to famous samurai family. Hayato special power is Bushido which increases the armor strength when you HP become lower.

3. Facts about weapons

One of the biggest challenges every player face is to choose the right combination of weapon.

You can carry only two weapons and one pistol in the battlefield, so according to your game plan or team constituency, you need to choose weapon

Garena Free Fire Weapons

Best Weapon combination are as follow

  1. Assault Rifle + SMG
  2. Assault Rifle + Shotgun
  3. Assault Rifle + Sniper

Always remember, you need to carry one Assault Rifle which is a multipurpose gun (it can be used in short, mid as well as long-range).

One of the best solutions is to carry Assault Rifle + SMG, which most of the top players used to hit heroic level.

  UMP Used in short-range
  MP5 Used in short-range
  MP 40 Used in short-range
  M1014 Used in short-range
  SPAS12 Used in short-range
Assault Rifle
  Dragunov Used for mid and long-range
  Famas Used for mid and long-range
  M249 Used for mid and long-range
  M4A1 Used for mid and long-range
  AK Used for mid and long-range
  Groza Used for mid and long-range
  M14 Used for mid and long-range
  SCAR Used for mid and long-range
Sniper Gun
  Kar98K Used for long-range
  AWM Used for long-range
  SKS Used for long-range
  VSS Used for long-range
  G18 Use for a short-range
  Desert Eagle Use for a short-range
  USP Use for a short-range
  M1873 Use for a short-range
  M79 Use for a short-range
  M500 Use for a short-range
Different weapon
  Crossbow Use for short and mid-range
  Bat Use a handheld the attack
  Grenade Use for a short-range
  Parang Use a handheld the attack
  Pan Use as a shield as well as attack

4. Changing Game according to situation

If you want to hit the heroic level in Garena free fire, you need to focus on the situation and keep on changing your game plan.

There are three types of players in Garena free fire, and you need to learn all these to survive till the end.

Killing Master

Generally, these types of players are found in the initial phase of the game, or when their rank is low.

In this Players did not fear of enemy and they keep on rushing them with all might. These types of gameplay are more suited when you rank in very low.

Fire and hide yourself

In this type of tactics, players try to fire “headshot,’ and after every shot they hide to safe area.

This tactic is mostly used in a duo or single rank game, where players fire bullets with silencer attach to their Rifle.

You can also use this tactic to baffle enemy and ultimately shoot him with a headshot.

Evading and surviving till the end

One of the best tactics used by all pro players is to evade and surviving until the end of the game.

The game did not count for the number of kills you have done, but it makes winner to the last person who survives through ordeal.

Use this tactic to hide behind an obstacle or lay down in the high grounds until the end of the game and push your ranks.

5. What to choose first when you land

What you should choose first when you land on the ground?

Do not listen to anyone, not even your friends, if you want to survive and win free fire, you need to follow this step.

1. Pick up weapon

The first and far most thing which you should choose is a weapon. No matter what is laying in the floor bags, medical kit, pan, ammo, parachute, glueball, grenade, helmet or shield.

You need to pick up a weapon before anything, believe us, it will save you life in the game.

One of the mistakes, which every noob player do is to pick up shield instead of a weapon, which is totally flop.

You have to pick up a weapon and then if you get time or survive, then shield.

2. Choose shield over any other thing after weapon

The second option which you should choose after picking up weapon is shield.

Give priority for the shield as these will save you from initial bullets and will give you some time to react in case of heavy fire.

6. Do you know what is Safe Zone?

If you are playing free fire for the first time, you will find it difficult to find a safe zone.

Mostly new players die in the unsafe zone and could not find the safe zone.

Well, the safe zone is marked by while coloring in the mini-map, and you need to rush to a safe zone to save your life.

Free fire game has introduced a safe zone which comes after certain specific time in the game and your playing area become shorter.

This way, free fire game ensures that players who are hiding should come out and start participating in the game.

This safe zone in free fire become smaller and smaller during the game, and in the last they disappear from the game.

7. Keep Upgrading helmets and Shields

One of the best protections given in free fire is

  • Helmets
  • Shields
  • Pan

These are the three protective measure you can use in Garena free fire to protect from incoming bullets.

Helmets and shields can protect your head and torso from bullets and take maximum damage before your main body part.

You can keep on upgrading and keep on rectifying your damage helmet and shield in the game.

Recently Garena free fire has introduced 04 level helmet which is most powerful and can block headshot of sniper gun.

8. Keep Pan to block incoming bullets

Ever wonder why top-level players keep the pan in their hands when they can choose sword?

Well, Pan is the protective shield and blocks bullets coming from behind.

You can use a pan and save yourself all the bullets which are being fired from your back.

Many times, a situation arises when you keep on running to a safe zone, and the enemy behind you keep on firing on you.

In these situations, your Pan will take all the bullets and give you precious time to run and take cover inside a safe zone.

9. keep jumping while fighting and running

One of the Pro things which you need to learn in Garena free fire is to Jump while you fire and run.

Jumping make sure that you did not catch any bullet in your head and it also ensures faster running.

Practice the jumping mode with the fire button; you need to master the combination where you will fire and jump at the same time.

This tactic will make sure that you did not get any correct headshot from your enemy.

10. Play with 3-finger to reach heroic level

Most of the player did not know what three-finger theory in free fire is.

In 3-finger theory, you need to keep three fingers in the screen of the Smartphone.

Most of the time, you need to fire with your left finger and jump and moving side with your right finger.

In this 3-finger fight, your character will move left or right and fire and jump at the same time.

This is very advanced tactics and is mostly used by pro players to crack into heroic levels.

11. Glueball

Glueball is temporary wall which is created when you are surrounded by enemy or when you want to safeguard yourself from incoming bullets.

Glueball is real lifesaver for all your team members as you can use this as protection shield and heal your teammates.

Glueball can also save you from incoming fast vehicles, which may kill you instantly if they hit you.

Make sure than you take enough of Glueball and keep on using them in a bad situation to save yourself or your teammates.

12. use grenade to clear obstacles

Grenade is the real-life saver if you are surrounded by enemy, just use grenade to wipe off enemy.

Grenade in free fire game are real killing machine and should be used when the enemy is coming near you or surrounding with glue wall.

Use a grenade to kill the enemy who is hiding in tin boxes or behind boxes.

13. Use Shock bomb to immobilize your enemy

Recently Garena free fire has introduced Shock bomb which makes enemy immobilize for few second.

In that time, enemy will be blinded and will not able to move or do anything.

Shock bomb is really good when you or your teammates are going for rush, which means when they are going for the kill.

You should always use grenade and shock bomb to clear any hiding place around boxes or when you are going for the rush.

14. Stay with team

Garena free fire is a team game, and you should stay with team to get many benefits, some of them are as follows

  • You can heal another member when you stay with the team
  • You will receive medical kit or heal when you are injured
  • You can effectively participate in the team game
  • Stay with a team as to survive into the game
  • Those teams always win which has good communication, and team members follow the rules of team

15. Position yourself in high grounds

Always try to position yourself in the high grounds, as you should remember the thumb rule “high grounds always win.”

There are chances that if you capture high grounds, you can effectively shoot the enemy down with headshots.

Mostly 90% of the time, players in the high ground wins any battle.

So, check your position and dash for high ground in the game to win the matches.

16. Increase your EP by eating mushroom

There are two health bars in a free fire, one is the default bar which you get when you start the match and second one become active when you eat mushroom.

Now, these EP bars are your second lifeline which will replenish your main lifeline bar slowly.

When you eat any medi-kit your health bar gets replenished not your EP bar.

EP bars are a special bar which is designed to give extra lifeline for your health bar.

You need to keep on eating the mushroom to increase your EP bar.

17. Red Cylinder is danger

Always remember, the red cylinder is a danger, and you should never venture near it.

A red cylinder in free fire is kept in those places where enemy are known to hide or make ambush.

All you can do is to fire at the red cylinder, and they will explode, wiping out all enemy near it.

So, keep a distance between a red cylinder and keep on exploding them when any enemy come near it.

18. Blue Cylinder used for camouflage

Whey there is blue cylinder in free fire?

Well, the blue cylinder is used for camouflage and will give smog effect when explode.

You can use this situation to run from an enemy or keep shooting at them.

A blue cylinder is most placed at that location where many players used to jump or where loot percentage is high.

19. Keep on upgrading weapon by skins

All the pro players who reached heroic levels have one thing in common, and that is they have all skins for their weapons.

Upgrade weapon skin

Skins are the recent introduction to the free fire, which exchanges many attributes of weapon like

  • Bullets
  • Damage
  • Range
  • Accuracy
  • Recoil

You should always choose correct skins for your weapon before the game starts and win the match.

20. use your pets effectively

What are pets doing in a free fire?

Well, they are playful isn’t it,


Pets are used for many other factors in a free fire, the earlier pet is only used as entertainment, but now they are used to store your ammunition.

So, choose the correct pet and increase your inventory to keep more ammunition.

Pets are only visible to your teammates; they are not visible to the enemy. So keep on playing with pets and do booyah along with your pets.

21. Mini maps are your eyes

You should know how to read mini maps in a free fire.

Mini maps in the free-fire can be used to read many things, some of them are as follows

  • You can locate enemy location when he fires
  • You can locate any vehicle movement (shows in yellow line)
  • You can locate the safe zone
  • You can locate your friends
  • You could locate enemy position if he got hit by Moco
  • You can check the dropbox
  • You can check UAV position in minimaps

22. Airdrop is game changer

In free fire, airdrop is real game-changer which provides weapons, camouflage items, ammo, and shields.

Garena Free Fire Airdrops

You should know how to proceed to airdrop in a free fire.

  • Keep your glue wall in one hand when you are going to loot any airdrop
  • Keep one of your friends ready with sniper gun or 4X scope, when you are going to loot any box
  • Inform your free fire teammates that you are going to loot airdrop so that they will keep their gun pointing towards airdrop.
  • Check for any landmine near airdrop, if you find one, do not proceed to airdrop , run back to safe position.
  • After looting airdrop, put some landmine near airdrop

23. Tactics to use landmine

This is ninja tactics which are used by many expert pro players of free fire.

You have to put one medi-kit in place when ladder end, and along with medi-kit you need to put landmine.

Players will come and try to grab medi-kit and die off instantly with the landmine.

Landmine should be placed in such a way that; it should not be visible in from the ladders.

These tactics can be used in the first floor room and tin boxes outside the room.

Also, you can use landmine where players are using the ropeway.

24. keep an eye on the drone

You should keep an eye on a drone which is a real lifesaver.

Whenever you want to know your enemy position, you can check the drone in mini maps.

Watch drone in Garena Free Fire

 To get your enemy position, you need to go under the drone perimeter, and all your enemy will be visible in red spots.

A drone is used to showing position of enemy and is very irritation when you are playing rank match.

This is the reason why pro players choose to destroy drone in rank matches.

25. Invest in a good headphone

You should invest in good headphone or earphone to hear enemy steps in a free fire.

Garena free fire is real-time simulation game, which actually gives sound steps of enemy when they are near you.

You need to figure enemy steps and become ready to ambush them when you encounter them.

Final words

These are the top 25 points written by Garena pro players to reach heroic levels.

You can implement these methods and reach heroic levels with ease.

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