How To Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile 2021

Free UC in PUBG Mobile

Are you searching for free UC (underground currency) for PUBG Mobile?

PUBG game falls under the genera of Battle Royal Games, which means you need to complete with an online player for the last man standing. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds game is developed by Tencent Games and has more than 200 million users.

With millions of players trying to be different from the crowd, you need to purchase new costumes to stay unique. PUBG has an official currency called “Unknown Cash” or UC in Short.

You can purchase all game items in PUBG using this Unknown Cash, and even you can opt for Passes like Royal Pass or Elite Royal Pass with these UC.

So, if you need free UC in PUGB mobile game, then check out these awesome methods to get it free without spending any real money.

What is PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash?

PUBG mobile unknown Cash is the official currency of the PUBG game, which can be used to purchase all game goodies. UC or Unknown Cash can also be used to purchase Royal pass and elite pass.

In Null set, you need a huge quantity of UC in PUBG mobile to get new weapon skin, character cosmetics such as clothes, emotes, emblem.

How to get free Unknown Cash in PUBG Mobile?

There are many known methods to get free UC for PUBG mobile, some of them are discussed there for you.

1. Purchase one-time Elite Royal Pass

PUGB game has two VIP mode where players can get huge rewards when they opt for that model.

  • Royal Pass
  • Elite Royal Pass

Now, both of these passes need to be purchased using real money, and then you can find many tasks every day that can fetch you with free UC.

Steps to get free UC and Passes

In this method, you need to spend $10 one time to purchase 600 UC from the PUBG official store. Now, you will also get 60 UC bonus along with the 600 UC; you opt to purchase form that $10 dollar.

Purchase Elite Royal Pass – it will cost you 600 UC and get into the elite membership.

Now, check for the daily and weekly mission, which are present in your dashboard. Try to complete them daily and start receiving a huge bonus of free UC from PUBG.

If you are able to complete all daily and weekly missions in that season, you will receive 600 UC back into your account. Now, purchase another Elite Royal pass from these 600 UC for the next season and repeat the process.

(in this method, you will receive 30 UC per 5 RP and it  will be accumulated to 600 UC at the end of the season)

2. Try to get Pass

One of the drawbacks of PUBG mobile is that it favors those players who spend money and take membership in every season like Royal Pass and Elite Royal Pass.

Now, you will not receive any UC in PUBG game, if your account is normal. To gain UC from PUBG mobile game, you need to have membership in any of the passes.

It doesn’t matter how many matches you will win in PUBG, the thing which only matter is there is not free UC for the normal account. If you opt for seasonal membership, you will start receiving UC for wining and completing the different tasks.

So, if you want to get free UC, then you need to spend some money and get season pass first.

3. Join & earn with GPT website

The best method to get free UC in PUBG mobile game is to join the GPT website which works on a point system. Points or swags are awarded for completing a task in these websites.

You will get given daily tasks and weekly tasks, which you need to complete to receive points. when these points will accumulate and reach a predefine amount, you will be given free UC for PUBG game.

 You can get $10 per week from this GPT website and can purchase the Elite Royal pass using this Unknown Cash in PUBG.

Some of the GPT websites are

  • Grabpoints
  • PrizeRebel
  • PointsPrizes
  • Swagbucks

4. Join & Earn with GPT Mobile app

Like the GPT website, you can join and earn from GPT Mobile apps, which work on a credit system for the task done. You need to perform these small tasks in GPT mobile apps and it will reward you with free UC when you Credits gets accumulated.

Some of the task which you need to perform

  • Click ads
  • Watch video ads
  • Install apps
  • Install games
  • Refer friends
  • Give opinion
  • Complete survey

Some of GPT mobile app

  • CashCrate
  • FreeMyApps
  • MyPoints

5. Join & earn from the survey site

The survey website is another way to earn free UC in PUBG; you can join these free websites and start earning cash. The survey website works on a real cash system and you can get 0.5 cents for every survey you can have done.

They have some withdrawal limits, like $50 so that people will not start to ask for payment for 0.5 cents.

You should join these free survey websites and start earning cash from these websites.

  • Mysurveys
  • InboxDollars
  • Vindale Research

Final words

So, these are the top 05 awesome methods to get free UC in PUBG mobile game. We hope you will use these awesome methods and get for free UC in your PUBG mobile.

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