Best Free Meditation Apps to Rejuvenate Yourself in 2021

Best free Meditation apps

Are you looking for Best Free Meditation Apps to rejuvenate yourself in 2019?

Well, with the 9-to-5 job wheel, today life is very hectic and stressful, with little time left for our self-mental health.

If you don’t find time to meditate or never done this before, then these apps are for you.

Some of the best features of these Free guided meditation apps are as follows

  • It helps in reducing stress in you
  • Meditation can reduce anxiety in you
  • It makes your rejuvenated by absorbing the negative thought
  • It changes your negative mood to a positive one
  • Meditation makes your stronger mentally to fight all problem with clear logic
  • It helps you forget all your lows in life and motivate to move further
  • Helps you, if your breakup with your partner
  • Motivate you’re inner conscious of becoming better person
  • There are many meditation channels which help you revive your chakras
  • It helps in concentration among all students
  • You can use this to improve your studies.
  • Help insomnia (use this and get some sleep)

Best meditation apps 2021

We have summaries many mediation apps which claim to be best in 2019.

One thing you should remember before using these meditation apps is

  • It is not miracle app which will wave off your personal problems.
  • It will only help you relax your inner self and make peace inside you
  • Do not expect to get 99% in the exam after using these apps
  • It can only help you gain concentration not grades
  • Meditation apps are used for centuries in India, China, and another Buddhist country to get inner peace and tranquility
  • You can now use these technologies without doing any Yoga
  • Just install these Top meditation app in your Smartphone and use them during your travel

08 Best Free Meditation Apps to Try in 2021

Let’s check all these best Meditation apps free in 2019 and make yourself better day by day.

1. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep App

One of the best in Meditation App is Headspace Meditation and sleep App developed by “Headspace, Inc.

Headspace meditation app has more than 10 Million verified Google Play Store installs and has treaded as no#1 app to reduce stress.

Headspace Free Meditation App

Headspace Meditation apps are loaded with tons of features, some of them are as follows

  • Get Stress and Anxiety relief mediation
  • Courses specially crafted for
    • Managing Anxiety
    • Letting Go of Stress
    • Restlessness
    • Navigating change
  • Get falling asleep and waking up meditation sounds
    • Get relive from Restlessness
    • Sound sleep
  • Get personal growth meditation
    • Get finding focus
    • Prioritization
    • Get Productivity
    • Get Creativity
  • Change your life by using these meditation tracks
    • Transforming Anger
    • Handling sadness
    • Dealing with regret
    • Self-esteem
    • Grieving
  • Get sports mediation by using these tracks
    • Focus
    • Training
    • Competition
    • Communication
    • Analysis
    • Recovery path
    • Rehab
    • Concentration
  • Get Physical health training
    • Mindful eating
    • Coping with cravings
    • Pain management
    • Pregnancy
    • Coping with cancer
  • Get mediation tracks on students
    • Dealing with distractions
    • Leaving home
  • More than 40 courses on different conditions
  • You can use short meditation for 03 min to long one of 10 min

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Pro tips: best Meditation apps for anxiety and sleep disorder.

2. Meditation & Relaxation App: Guided Meditation

Ok if you want a complete course on meditation then you can use Meditation & Relaxation app: Guided.

This app has preprogrammed courses for everyone, you just need to take the course, and within 07 days you will rediscover yourself as new human being.

Meditatioan And relaxation Free Meditation App

Some of the features of Meditation & Relaxation app is as follows

  • Enroll free in the 07 days meditation for beginners
  • Go up to 14 days advance meditation
  • What you will get in 07 days free meditation course
    • Help to reduce stress relief
    • Help you in getting focus
    • It can help you in getting better sleep
    • Help improves in your self-esteem
    • Help you attend happiness
  • Full mediation courses sessions include
    • Sleeping better in night
    • Focus with greater concentration
    • Become more lovable
    • Become forgiveness
    • Be calmer
    • Body scans

Download for Android

Pro tips: get this app and enroll in the 07 days free mediation course which will help you getting stress free life.

3. Insight Timer app: Free Meditation app

Do you know Insight Timer meditation app was the “TIME magazine and Women’s Health winner” of 2019?

“Happiest app in the whole world – Tristan Harris.”

Such is the craze of this app that it has more than 20million installs including Android and iPhone.

Insight Timer Free Meditation App

Some of the best features of Insight Timer Meditation apps is as follows

  • Choose any of these meditation types
    • Zen
    • Buddhist Mindfulness
    • Secular mindfulness
    • Vipassana
    • MBSR
    • Walking meditation
    • Breathing meditation
    • Kundalini Yoga
    • Metta
    • Advaita Vedanta
    • Insight Meditation
  • Join community according to your progress
    • Beginners
    • Poetry
    • Atheism
    • Christianity
    • Hinduism
    • Transcendental Meditation
  • Get thousands of guided meditations
  • Short meditation
  • Get thousand of music tracks to calm your mind and focus
  • You can also follow your favorite teachers
  • Track your progress
  • You can use any of these topics and start your meditation training
    • Sleep deeply
    • Reduce Anxiety
    • Reduce Stress
    • Get through addictions and recovery
    • Compassion and self-love
    • Get leadership
    • Better relationship
    • Loving and kindness

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Pro tips: Insight Timer app has tons of features which you should consider while using this app

4. Calm app: Meditate sleep relax

Join Calm App which has features ranging from removing anxiety, restful sleep, less stress and more focus in life.

Calm app is the top mediation app which is free and has tons of features for helping out people with trouble by using mediation.

Calm Free Meditation App

Some of the features of Calm app is as follows

  • Choose between variable lengths of meditation music
    • Get 3, or 5, 10, or 15, 20 or 25 minutes
  • Choose guided meditation on these topics
    • Get Calming Anxiety
    • Managing stress
    • Get deep Sleep
    • Get focus and concentration
    • Relationships
    • Breaking habits
    • Self-esteem
    • Body scan
    • Loving-kindness
    • Happiness
    • Gratitude
    • Loving-kindness
    • Forgiveness
    • Non-judgment
    • Mindfulness at work
    • Mindfulness at college
    • Calm kids
  • Get 10 min new program added daily to help you meditate
  • Get 100+ sleep stories which guarantee your sound sleep
  • Get 30+ soothing nature sounds
  • Get open-ended meditation

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Pro tips: Use Calm meditation app which has tons of features which can help you in every field.

5. Ten Percent Happier app – Meditation & sleep

If you need one meditation app which has more than 500+ guided meditation for removing stress and anxiety, then rely on Ten Percent Happier App.

Ten percent happier app

Some of the features of Ten Percent Happier app is as follows

  • Get video and meditation music tracks to remove anxiety and stress
  • Over 500+ guided meditation on different topics such as
    • Anxiety
    • Parenting
    • Focus
    • Sleep
  • Many relaxing and smooth tracks to make your sound sleep
  • Get Bite-size stories which include wisdom, inspiration
  • New content is added weekly to make this app more responsive
  • opt for quick meditation that fits your busy schedule

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Pro tips: use Ten percent happier app to get a calmer and stress-free life

6. Aura app: Mindfulness & Happiness

Get Aura app which claims to provide your stress-free solution by utilizing only 3-min every day from your busy schedule.

Now if you don’t have time to listen to long meditational music or video, then you can rely on Aura, which will only take 3-min of your daily time to give you relax life.

Aura Free Meditation App

Some of the features of Aura app is as follows

  • use this app for 3-min every day to remove all your daily Stress
  • change your mood by using this app daily for 3-min
  • get various relaxation sounds which help you achieve your focus
  • get into any topic and start using that topic for two weeks to get some improvement
  • get a reminder on your daily meditation (if you forget)
  • sleep better using this app
  • focus on your work using this app
  • good app for beginners who want to meditate

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7. Breethe app- Meditation Mindfulness

As the name indicates, this app is for better sleep, breathe and be calm.

Breethe Free Meditation App

Some of the best features of Breethe app is as follows

  • Listen to music and sleep sounds
  • Get hundred of music playlists to calm
  • Get bedtime stories and sleep meditation for your sound sleep
  • Get bedtime visualization and guided imagery which help in absorbing the positive message
  • Get guided Meditation which will help you calm down in your life
  • Get Alarmed Clock & morning meditations to start your day
  • Get a 12-week daily program to relieve from stress and anxiety
  • Get Mindfulness program for kids and teens
  • Get hypnotherapy sessions which will tackle all your life problem
  • Get breathing exercise which will help you in calm down within few minutes

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Pro tips: Use this app to relax and stay calm

8. Buddhify app- Mindfulness meditation on the go

Learn the Buddha way to calm and relax with this Buddhify app.

Some of the features of Buddhify apps is as follows

Buddhify Meditation App
  • Over 200+ meditation music to help you overcome the life challenges life
    • Anxiety
    • Stress
    • Sleep
    • Pain
    • Difficult emotions
  • Get mindfulness exercise which can you used in traveling, working or walking
  • Session time from 3-40 minutes
  • Get a solo timer for seasoned meditators
  • Kids content to get inspiration music
  • Get help from experienced teachers for your meditation

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Pro tips: Get buddhify app to have stress free life

Final words

So, these are the 08 Best Free Meditation Apps to Rejuvenate Yourself in 2019.

We hope you will use these free mediation apps to get back into your life with more focus and more happier.

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