Best free Budget Apps for iPhone and Android

Best free Budget Apps

Are you looking for Best free Budget App for iPhone and Android 2021?

Well, we all need to budget our expenses as we tend to spend more on items which are never used by us. Remember your shoes, clothes, household items and another thing, which are kept in your house, without being touch for years.

Whenever we find any online or offline offers going on, we tend to spend money on these shiny items which never get used in our life. To avoid all these, you need to budget your expenses.

For Budgeting your expenses, you can use “free budget apps 2021”, which can be installed in your Smartphone.

Nowadays, there are many smart apps which can use to calculate every expense you made and can even give you the solution for investment.

What is the Budget app?

Well, the budget app is similar to your good old budget book which you make to calculate all your expenses and earning. Nowadays, budget work can be done in smart apps which has many functions which you will never find in the old budget book

  • Track your Bank Budget
  • You can Track your expenses bills
  • Track all your utility bills
  • Track your shopping bills
  • Keep a credit / debit ratio
  • Gives valuable information on investment
  • Keep track of your investment in the stock market
  • You can keep track of your investment in mutual funds
  • Keep track of your loan on mortgage
  • Keep track of your loan on credit cards
  • Give you full details on which part you spend more with 3-month data
  • You can get full information on your expense, you have done in past 3-months

Why you need Free Budget Apps?

Life will be more shorted and organize when you know your earning and expenses. Free budget apps are must for all family or couples, who seek to save money to purchase something big like a home, car, or paying up for college fee.

If you need to organize your life, just install a free budget app on your Smartphone and take control of your living expenses. You will be surprised when you find out  much you can save by cutting all the bad expenses in your apps.

What is the 50-20-30 budget rule?

50-20-30 rule is developed by Senator Elizabeth Warren, when she recommends, how to divide money after paying your taxes.

  • 50% on needs
  • 30% on wants
  • 20% on saving

If you want to implement this formula, then you will definitely need a free budgeting app.

Best free budget apps for Smartphone

1. Mint: (app) Budget, Bills & Finance Tracker

Mint is the no1 chose when it comes to free money manager and the financial tracker app. You will get all the information in one platform with every expense you do with your account.

Mint - free Budget App

It can track many things, some of the items are given below

  • Track your Bank account
  • You can track your Credit Cards bills
  • Track your investments
  • Get everything in one place
  • Track your bills alongside your account balances
  • Save time and money
  • Get information on budgeting and debt
  • Get free credit scores with no credit card requirement
  • Always pay bills on time with a friendly reminder
  • Stay safe as it implements encryption to your sensitive data
  • You can also sync with Mint web
  • 100% free to use

Mint app is developed by “Intruit Inc,” which are also the makers of TurboTax® and QuickBooks. Mint app has more than 10Million verified installs from Google Play and also voted as “The best app in the year 2016” by Time magazine.

So, if you are looking to get a financial adviser with a budgeting app, then install a mint app in your Smartphone and keep on saving money.

Download Mint app for Android

2. PocketGuard: (app) Personal Finance, Money & Budget

Another free app which is worth mentioning is PocketGuard app, which is developed by PocketGuard inc. PocketGuard app can help you with tracking your bank account, income, and bills.

 Pocket Guard - free Budget App

You can even get a beautiful representation of your expenses and earning. If you are using PocketGuard, then you will get free investment advice.

Some of the features of PocketGuard are given below:

  • Manage your expense of bank account
  • Track your credit, debit cards bill in one place
  • Sync and get information on loans, savings and investment data in one place
  • Get the pictorial representation of our finance data
  • Connect your financial accounts in one place
  • Track all expense and income in one place
  • See your balance money with one-touch
  • Compare and evaluate your spending habits month by month
  • Create a maximum spending limit to get timely notification
  • Make a saving goal and reach with spending tracker
  • Get better deals to cut your regular bill payment by 20%
  • Get alert on your Smartphone when you are hit by an unwanted charge
  • Get your data secure by 256-bit SSL encoding to protect sensitive data
  • Get additional 4-Digit PIN to ensure additional protection to your sensitive data

Download PocketGuard for iPhone

Download PocketGuard for Android

3. YNAB (You need a Budget app)

YNAB claims to save $600 in the first two months and more than $6000 in the first year of installing the app.

Now if you believe this claim, then you need to install YNAB in your Smartphone and make sure to put a budget for all your need and expenses.

YNAB free Budget App

Before you do anything, you need to set a goal, which is a unique feature of YNAB. After that, you need to Give your dollars jobs, which means every dollar you spend should be recorded in the app.

Check on which part you overspend and keep on lower that part. Some of the features of YNAB is given below

  • Sync your bank account and connect all your accounts
  • You need to enter all the transaction done offline for better result
  • This app is used to save your hundred of a dollar and need to update daily
  • Real-time access to all your money and budget data
  • Set your goal and keep on tacking all expenses to meet those
  • Get budgeting workshops every week to cut all your bad expenses
  • YNAB works on four formulate
    • Give every dollar a Job
    • Embrace your True expense
    • Roll with the Punches
    • Age your Money

Download YNAB for Android

Download YNAB for iPhone

4. Wally Next (app)

Wally next app is developed by “Wally Global Inc.,” which solely depends on budgeting all your expense and give valuable information about saving money.

You can use wally to track your expenses, income, and investment through its apps. Wally is trusted by 1.7 million people, and it keeps on improving its features by taking suggestions by members.

Wally next

Wally is a free budget app which is available for both the iPhone and Android platform. Some of the features of Wally are given below

  • 100% free app
  • Track your expenses and income in one place
  • Get easy chart with spending and income in one place
  • Get information on credit cards, debit card bills in one place
  • Get information on saving account
  • Keep track of foreign currency accounts

Download wally for iPhone

Download wally for Android

5. GoodBudget: (app) Budget & Finance

GoodBudget App is developed by “DaySpring Technologies” and has more than 3million verified installs from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

GoodBudget app is a mixture of the Money manager and expense tracker which can link your bank account.

Good Budget App

Feature of GoodBudget app is given below

  • Sync across all platform Smartphone with web
  • Track your expense
  • Check your account balance with one-touch
  • Set a Goal and check when you will reach that
  • Scheduled transaction and envelope fills
  • Split all your expense transactions
  • Analysis spending in real-time with pictorial diagram
  • Download all transaction in CSV files
  • You can also import all bank account transaction
  • Best app for iPhone and android
  • 100% free to use

Download GoodBudget app for Android

Download GoodBudget app for iPhone

6. Simple: (app) Better banking

Simple is a free budgeting app, but it also provides bank account that can give you 2.02% APY on balance in protected goals account.

You can use a simple app for planning your budget with a simple goal and tracking your expenses.

Better Banking free Budget App

Some of the features of a simple app are given below

  • Set Goal and keep on saving money to achieve it
  • Set simple expense and keep on tracking those in month bills
  • All in one place you budget, expense and goal
  • Tack every expense, utility bills and income in one place
  • Achieve your goal by looking at the saving and expenses
  • Good free budgeting apps for iPhone and Android

Download Simple form Android

Download Simple for iPhone

7. BUDGT (app) Monthly finances, day by day

Budgt app is only developed for the iPhone and can be handy when it comes to budget.

Budgt App

Some of the features of BUDGT app is as follows

  • Add income and recurrent expenses in the app
  • Track your bills and other expenses using this app
  • Work only on iPhone
  • Real-time projection of your money left in the account
  • Get the pictorial representation of your expenses and income
  • Get a better decision on unnecessary spending using this app
  • Set your budget goal and reach it at the end of the month

Download Budgt app from iPhone

Final word

So, these are the best free 07 Budgeting app which can be used in iPhone as well as on Android. We recommend using this free app for budgeting your income and expenses.

You can also use YNAB which claim to save you more than $600 in two months. Set your goal, cut your unnecessary expenses, and achieve your goal using these free budgeting apps.

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