Best Cryptocurrency Apps/ Wallet for iPhone and Android

Best Crypto currency Apps And Wallets

Are you searching for best Cryptocurrency App /Wallet for iPhone and Android?

Well, we have summarized the top 10 cryptocurrency Apps/ Wallet for your altcoins and bitcoin for iPhone and Android.

We hope that these crypto apps/ wallets will help you in

  • Storing cryptocurrency
  • Buying and selling cryptocurrency.
  • Making Crypto Portfolio and monitoring it .
  • Getting alert on your Portfolio.
  • You can arbitrage the cryptocurrency using these apps.
  • Sending and receiving cryptocurrency using these apps.
  • Stay updated with the latest news from different sources on cryptocurrency.
  • Get real-time information from different exchanges around the world.

List of 10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps/ Wallet for iPhone and Android

1. Coinbase Wallet

One of the best wallets for cryptocurrency with hundreds of unique features. Coinbase wallet has store your bitcoins, Ethereum, and Litecoin. You can also send or receive bitcoin from Coinbase wallet.

You can also buy and sell digital currency through this app.

Coinbase Crypto currency wallet

Some of the important features of Coinbase wallet is as follows

  • Best Wallet to Store Bitcoins, Ethereum and Litecoin
  • You can send or receive bitcoins using this platform
  • Real-time price indicator of bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin
  • You can get a full history of your balance, transaction details with one click
  • Support multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian, etc.
  • Create your Cryptocurrency Portfolio and start trading now
  • You can buy or sell all popular digital currencies
  • Two-way vault protection to ensure the safety of your currency

Download Coinbase for iPhone

Download Coinbase for Android

Get Coinbase official website for PC

2. Blockfolio: (app) Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Tracker

Blockfolio is no1 free Bitcoin and digital currency portfolio tracking app. Blockfolio supports more than 8000+ top cryptocurrencies in the world.

Blockfolio crypto currency tracker

Some of the unique features of Blockfolio is given below

  • Free Cryptocurrency Portfolio tracker
  • It provides supports for more than 8000+ crypto coins and altcoins
  • Make your Portfolio on cryptocurrency and start tracking it, in real-time
  • You can check your Portfolio in 100+ currency such as (USD, GBP, EUR, BRL and many more)
  • You can also check it on crypto bases such as
    • BTC
    • ETH
    • XRP
    • BNB
    • NEO
    • USDT
    • PAX
    • USDC and many more
  • Get exclusive chart based on your Crypto investments
  • Monitor your personal portfolio graph with market movement
  • Get real-time information on crypto exchanges
  • You can view crypto charts and book real-time
  • Get the latest information on crypto news from Coin telegraph and CoinDesk

Download Blockfolio for iPhone

Download Blockfolio for Android

3. (app) Cryptocurrency

One of the oldest software which now comes in-app for iPhone and Android. It provides exclusive market research with real-time charts for cryptocurrency. app

Some of the best features of app is given below

  • Get information on over 1300 altcoins and fiat currency
  • Get real-time data and historical price data chart to analysis
  • Check market capitalization per altcoin
  • Get information on Trading volume
  • Get the latest information on bitcoin, altcoin and fiat currency
  • Manage and monitor your blockchain assets and holding
  • Get full information on the portfolio you have created
  • Get alerts for price or currency stop/loss
  • Get information about the cryptocurrency converter with market price
  • Get real-time data from over 25 crypto exchanges

Download app for iPhone

Download app for Android

4. Xapo App

Xapo is a cryptocurrency wallet with additional features such as good security and smooth user-interface.

Xapo  Crypto currency wallet

Some of the unique features of Xapo App are as follow

  • Xapo is cryptocurrency wallet with can store your digital currency
  • You can send or receive bitcoins and other digital currency through its app
  • You can safely use Xapo account to hold and secure your cryptocurrency
  • You can hold up to 150 digital currencies and bitcoin
  • Get a real-time notification for any transaction done on your account

Download Xapo app for iPhone

Download the Xapo app for Android

5. Portal Crypto Optimizer app

Portal Crypto Optimizer app is developed by cryptonaut and gives real-time information on digital currency prices.

Portal Crypto optimizer App

Some of the portal crypto optimizer apps are given below

  • Make a portfolio and monitor it with easy charts
  • This app has easy navigation and tracking tool
  • Gives real-time alerts for advanced traders
  • Portal Crypto app is free to download and use
  • Compare price with bitcoin before you decide to buy any altcoins
  • Gives accurate and full details on altcoins

Download Portal Crypto App for iPhone

Download Portal Crypto App for Android

6. Coingapp (app) Arbitrage tracker

Do you want to earn money by doing buying and selling among cryptocurrency (arbitrage)?

Well, then you can choose Coingapp arbitrage tracker which is developed by Codeaven Inc.

Coingapp  Crypto currency App

You can get real-time information on different altcoins and information on how to do arbitrage on these coins.

Some of the features of Coingapp is given below

  • The best app to do arbitrage of cryptocurrencies
  • You can get real-time information on altcoins and bitcoin
  • You will also get information on disable currencies
  • Get transaction alert on every transaction and also get the history of your full transaction
  • Get updated on many exchanges with the latest news
  • The app is 100% free to use

Download Coingapp for iPhone

Download Coingapp for Android

7. Coin Stats app to monitor crypto portfolio

Coin stats is best Cryptocurrency and Alt Coin portfolio tracker app which monitor over 5000 altcoins prices from over 250+ exchanges.

CoinStats Crypto Tracker App

Some of the features of Coin stats app is as follow

  • Build your Portfolio and keep on monitoring it
  • Get information over 5000 altcoins from 250+ exchanges all over the world
  • Check prices, values, and changes in real-time
  • You can get fully research about your crypto investment using this app
  • Get coinstats insights to hold, buy or sell bitcoin and cryptocurrency
  • Get alert on your Portfolio for trigger price
  • get the latest news from different exchanges

Download Coin Stats for iPhone

Download Coin Stats for Android

8. Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker

The best app to monitor your altcoins and portfolio tracker with more than 5000+ type altcoins support.

Delta app can give you accurate information about any bitcoins or cryptocurrency with real-time support.

Delta Crypto Portfolio App

Some of the best features of Delta crypto app is as follows

  • Get accurate information on any cryptocurrency
  • Get support on 5000+ kinds of cryptocurrency
  • Free app with hundreds of features
  • Make a portfolio and track them with ease
  • Get portfolio analytics with one-touch
  • Get up to date with information regarding any altcoins
  • Get price alert

Download delta app for iPhone

Download Delta app for Android

9. Cobo wallet for cryptocurrency

Cobo is the best crypto wallet which uses a new technology known as Proof of stake and masernode pooling for a transaction.

You can store, send, buy cryptocurrency in Cobo wallet which supports more than 80 countries now.

Cobo  Crypto currency wallet

Some of the unique features of Cobo wallet is given below

  • Best secure cloud wallet for holding cryptocurrency
  • Support Proof of Stake (PoS), cloud Pool Staking
  • Get industrial-level security with multi-level authentication
  • Cobo Wallet is supported in more than 80 countries
  • You can store your cryptocurrency using cobo
  • Free to use and 0 transaction fee between Cobo user

Download Cobo wallet app for iPhone

Download Cobo wallet app for Android

10. CoinFolio app

Coinfolio app is used for trading cryptocurrency with ease. You can use coinfolio app to get information regarding any altcoins in real-time.

Coinfolio  Crypto currency App

Some of the unique features of Coinfolio is given below

  • Simple and clear design
  • You can get support for 2000+ cryptocurrency
  • Create and monitor multiple portfolios
  • Get price alert
  • All your personal data will be stored at the local storage

Download CoinFolio app for iPhone

Download CoinFolio App for Android

Final words

So, these are the top cryptocurrency app/ wallet for your iPhone and Android. You can even store your cryptocurrency is some of the wallets and do a transaction on their platform.

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