Best Firewall Apps For Android

Best Firewall Apps for android

Are you looking for the best firewall Android App in 2019?

Well, look into our top 10 best firewall apps for android, which can prevent any data thief.

As you all know, in today world, the smartphone is the necessity of every person who wants to connect to the internet for doing ease of business.

But due to some malicious intent person, it becomes a nightmare for some people whose data being stolen online.

To avoid data thief and other malicious intent, you need a firewall app for your Android device.

Do not get confused with Antivirus and Firewall, as these two are different software and have different functions.

What is Android Firewall?

Android Firewall refers to that app which controls internet access by other apps using some pre-design criteria.

These apps are specially designed to prevent any unauthorized use of bandwidth or website without your knowledge.

Basically, a Firewall is that software which controls app access to the internet with the predefined condition and preventing malicious attacks.

Why you need Android Firewall?

Well, treat your Smartphone as your PC and think about what malicious people can do with your personal information being stored in your Smartphone.

There are many functions of firewall which are mandatory for your safeguard, some of them are as follows

  • Firewall Android is your first line of defense
  • Apart from the antivirus, you need to invest in this app to prevent any hacking attempts
  • A Firewall will safeguard your Android device with predefined rules
  • A firewall will prevent any unnecessary apps connected to the internet
  • Firewall can terminate all malicious communication online which are not detected by Antivirus
  • There are many antiviruses which come with firewall facility
  • The firewall on the smartphone can detect malicious files when you receive from email
  • Firewall can abort any malicious files which you are trying to download from the internet
  • Firewall can protect you from any rouge Wi-Fi network which you tend to use in airport or metro station or café.
  • Firewall can detect and stop malicious traffic flowing from your smartphone to the internet.
  • A firewall is necessary for your network protection

Top 10 best Firewall Apps For Android in 2019

Let’s start our list of best firewall app for android in 2019, which can prevent any data thief and network protection.

1. NoRoot Firewall

As the name of the firewall app indicates, you don’t have to root your Android device to use this firewall.

NoRoot Firewall is developed by “Grey Shirts” and has more than 5million verified download from Google Play Store.

Noroot Firewall Android app

Now, if you want a simple interface with fine-grained access to your control, you can choose NoRoot Firewall app for Android Devices.

Some of the features of NoRoot Firewall are as follows

  • Free to use a firewall
  • You don’t have to root your android device to install this app
  • Simple interface which you will love
  • Fine-grained access to IP/Hostname /domain name
  • Need very few permissions while installing.
  • No phone number requires, or no location require while installing
  • You can give permission to apps which can connect internet
  • Deny list of apps which you don’t want to connect to the internet without your knowledge
  • Save lots of bandwidth of your network and save data
  • Your first line of defense against any malicious attack on your Android device

Pro tips: NoRoot Firewall is a free app which has many functions, but it lacks IPv6Address, which means, it may or may not work on LTE mobile connection.

2. NetGuard- (app) No root firewall

Netguard app is developed by “Marcel Bokhorst” and has some of the best features available.

Netguard is designed is such a way that it can allow or deny application or address on your Wi-Fi.

netguard Firewall Android app

Some of the cool features of Netguard is as follows

  • No rooting requires of your Android mobiles
  • 100% open source
  • Supports for IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP
  • Supports for protection of Tethering
  • Option to allow application when
    • Screen is on
    • When you are roaming
  • You can block or allow system application
  • You will get a notification when any apps try to connect to the internet
  • Got some cool theme to support your taste
  • You can get logs regarding all outgoing/ incoming traffic
  • Logs can be exported to PCAP files to analyze traffic
  • Get network speed graph in the notification

Pro tips: NetGuard no-root firewall apps has tons of features which you can explore and use, some of the advanced features need in-app purchase.

3. Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall

Mobiwol noRoot firewall is developed by “mobiwol” and has 1million verified install from Google Play Store.

One of the best firewalls when you need to control all apps and network issues.

Mobiwol Firewall App for android

Some of the Mobiwol features are as follows

  • Free to use, but contain ads
  • Get tons of features such as
    • Firewall status
    • Firewall rules
    • Connection logs
    • Firewall setting
    • Data usages
    • Privacy protection logs
  • Get control of your Mobile apps
  • Easy interface to allow/ block app connection
  • Get notification when any apps try to connect internet
  • Save data and battery
  • No root requires for your Android app

Pro tips: Mobiwol has all the features which you are looking in any firewall app. 

4. AFWall+

One of the best firewall app with tons of features is AFWall+ app (android firewall +) is developed by “ukpriya.”

AFWall+ has tops of features for like updated iptables which are only available in Linux firewall for PC.


Some of the best features of AFWall+ is as follows

  • The interface is inspired by material design
  • You can import droid wall rules
  • You can filter applications
  • Allow/ disallow applications is your firewall app
  • Check and analysis logs and make new rules
  • Get a notification on any app making a new connection to the internet
  • Save your battery
  • Save bandwidth of your internet
  • Support for
    • VPN support
    • LAN Support
    • Tether support
    • IPV6/IPV4 support
    • Tor Support
  • Get adaptive icons
  • Get support for Wi-Fi only tablets


  • One of the major drawbacks of AFWall+ app is, it requires rooting of your Android device

5. LostNet NoRoot (app) Firewall

One of the best apps which can prevent any communication between your Smartphone and internet.

Find out which apps are chatting behind your back on the internet with LostNet NoRoot firewall.

LostNet Mobiwol Firewall App for android

Some of the features of Lostnet is as follows

  • Find out which app is chatting behind your back on the internet
  • Find out which app is sent data without your permission on the internet
  • No rooting required
  • Create Virtual VPN connection to control communication and app permission
  • Get simple and easy to navigate the app
  • You can block any countries/ regions using this app
  • You can block ad networks
  • You can capture packets and analyze them on
  • You can block background activity of any apps
  • Monitor and notify you which country your apps are getting connected
  • Save battery life

PRO tips: you can purchase this firewall app for $0.80, which has tons of features.

6. NetPatch Firewall

NetPatch Firewall is developed by “NetPatch Lab” and has tons of features in its premium version.

Netpatch firewall app

Some of the features of NetPatch Firewall is as follows

  • You can block network access per apps
  • Use Shadowsocks and shadowsocksR secure poxy
  • Use your own custom DNS to connect to the internet
  • You can export/ import firewall configuration
  • Create your own groups of IP and domain groups
  • You can block or allow proxy based on country IPS
  • You can get support for root domain name
  • Get support CIDR network address
  • You can get all IPs and hostname which your apps have accessed
  • You can view and analyses all network logs of your firewall

Pro tips: NetPatch firewall is very powerful and has some amazing features in its Premium version.

7. karma Firewall

Karma firewall is for those people who did not want to fiddle around with your firewall setting.

You can configure Karma firewall with simple one-time permission and use it forever without any problem.

Karma Firewall App for android

Some of the features of karma firewall are as follows

  • Get control of your mobile apps behavior by checking their connection
  • You can allow/ block different apps on your mobile
  • Simple interface with minimum permission to start the firewall
  • Block all those apps which did not need internet permission but keep using the internet for sending data
  • Now get full protection from data being sent to China, Russia or USA
  • No rooting requires to install karma firewall

Pro tips: one of the best firewall apps which are free to use.

8. Ultra Firewall (Root)

Ultra firewall is developed by “PL_itto” and has some of the cool features which makes this firewall worth discussing.

ultra Firewall App for android

Ultra firewall has a simple design which can be used to block all apps which are trying to access the internet.

Features of Ultra firewall

  • Block unwanted apps which are kept on accessing the internet
  • Save battery and internet bandwidth
  • Works well with all type of Android devices
  • You can start firewall on boot or access it with one click
  • Got some issues with 4G LTE network
  • Give permission to an app in one single window to access the internet
  • Kill application which one touch
  • Easy interface to work

Pro tips: Ultra firewall has every feature which you can cherish for, use this app to stop unwanted access by apps.

9. InternetGuard data saver Firewall

InternetGuard, data saver firewall, has tons of features which you can use to safeguard your mobile.


Some of the features of InternetGuard data saver firewall is as follows

  • You can reduce your data usage
  • Help you in saving battery
  • You can increase your privacy
  • No rooting required for this app
  • Supports IPv4/ IPv6 TCP/UDP protocols
  • Supports for Tethering
  • Support for multiple device users
  • Blocks system or other apps with one-touch
  • You can set allow/ block permission for all the apps present in your mobile
  • No calling home features
  • A simple interface and great features

Pro tips: use InternetGuard data saver firewall to block apps which are not permitted to use the internet.

10. Quantum Flare Intelligent Firewall & Security

Quantum firewall is developed by “CybX security” and has many features which make this app unique in its category.

Quantum firewall has introduced anti-phishing & anti-ransomware protection.

Quantum Firewall App for android

Some of the features of Quantum firewall are as follow

  • Free firewall for Android Smartphone
  • Install this app in one minute
  • Make a new rule for allowing or blocking permission for all apps in Smartphone
  • Get control on all apps running behind the scene
  • Save up to 50% of your internet mobile data
  • Get notified if any apps try to connect internet
  • Get notify if any apps try to use or modify other apps in your smartphone
  • Speed up your device

Pro tips: great firewall with tons of features like anti-phishing or anti-ransomware protection.

Final words

Android devices do not have any firewall installed by default; people often tend to forget that the firewall is our first line of defense after Antivirus.

You can choose any firewall app present in our list for your Android smartphone.

If you want to test firewall functionality, then go for free Firewall for Android devices and check how they control your unwanted apps.

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