Best Dictionary Apps for Android in 2021

Best Dictionary Apps for android

Are you using new words in your pronunciation to enrich your personality?

Well, using new words in your daily use is quite cumbersome, as you need to constantly search for the synonyms of daily use words.

But if you are using some good dictionary, it will reduce your work to half.

To influence in a workspace or in office, you need to have good command over words and their actual meaning with how they are going to pronounce.

When you are using an offline dictionary, it is very difficult to pronounce the actual word, if English is not your first language.

As we all know, every word is made of one or more syllables, and we should know how to use those syllables to pronounce the exact word.

You can find all your solution when you will start using Online Dictionary apps for Android.

These dictionary apps are available in Google Play Store, and you can find most of them are free to use.

Install any of these Android Dictionary apps on your Smartphone, and you can now check anytime the exact meaning of the words you have spoken.

Why you should choose Online Dictionary over offline Dictionary?

Well, there are many functions which makes online dictionary app profitable over an offline app. Some of the features are as follows

  • Portable and quite handy
  • Accurate dictionary with online update
  • More than 350,000 words or phrases or meanings in single apps
  • You can access than anywhere and anytime
  • Use the pronunciation features anytime
  • You can search any word within seconds which is not possible in offline mode
  • Get a daily update of words and phrases, which are not possible in offline mode
  • You can get tons of synonyms for any words within seconds which are awesome
  • Get the meaning of words in your regional language
  • Get a visual of many words
  • Search autocompletes
  • You can use your voice search when you don’t know the word spelling
  • You can get online assistance

Best 08 Dictionary Apps for Android in 2019

Let’s check all those dictionary apps which you can use in 2019 for your Android Device.

1. Oxford Dictionary of English

If you want to update your stock of words, then go for “Oxford Dictionary of English” which is online version of famous Oxford dictionary.

One of the oldest and most accurate dictionaries of all time now comes in digital format with tons of features.

Oxford dictionary app for android

Some of the features which are in the Oxford Dictionary of English is as follows

  • Get most recent version update of Oxford dictionary
  • Get over 350,000 words or phrases meanings
  • Get regionally language meaning with this online version
  • Get more than 75,000 audio pronunciations of common words
  • You can now listen to word pronunciation with touch of one click
  • You can use the search feature which will give exact meaning in a few seconds
  • The best English dictionary with over 150 years of research
  • Get search autocomplete
  • You can also use feature call keyword lookup
  • Use wild card (* or?) to get most out of any result
  • You can also use voice search on those words whose spelling you don’t know
  • You can get word of the day, which will be displayed on your Android dashboard
  • A necessary app for both students and professional

Pro tips: one of the oldest and most acute dictionaries of all time

2. Dictionary – Merriam- Webster

If the Oxford dictionary belongs to United Kingdom, then Merriam Webster dictionary belongs to the United States of America.

You will tons of words which are actually spoken in America and can get information and pronunciation of those words.

Merriam webster dictionary app for android

Some of the features of Merriam-Webster is as follows

  • Free app
  • Get thousands of words and phrases meaning
  • Get search button which can navigate you with the exact meaning of the word
  • Get vocabulary building Quizzes which will help you in learning new words daily
  • Get Voice search function which can help your words without having to spell it
  • Learn about word of the day
  • You can find synonyms and antonyms included in the dictionary meaning
  • Get example sentence, for the word you have search
  • Get Quick definitions searches
  • Get audio pronunciation of many words
  • Keep track of your favorite words

Pro tips: free to use a dictionary with tons of features

3. Webster’s College Dictionary

Webster’s college dictionary is second to none when it comes to English dictionary.

It is the most trusted dictionary in the world and has more than 160,000 entries of words and their meaning.

Webster College dictionary app for android

Some of the features of Webster’s College Dictionary is as follows

  • If you are studying in college or professional, then you should use this dictionary
  • It has more than 160,000 entries of words, phrases and their meaning
  • More than 800 illustrations with maps and biographical photographs
  • More than 12,000 Americanisms
  • Get more than 4700 terms on a computer, internet, business, food, business
  • Get a regular update on the online dictionary
  • Thousand of well-revised example
  • Get an effective search tool to find word meaning
  • Autocomplete search result
  • Fuzzy filter with the use of wild card
  • Get a voice search function

Pro tips: one of the best dictionary tools with more than 800 illustrations of maps and photographs

4. Longman Dictionary English

Are you looking for the free offline dictionary which offers more than 230,000 words, phrases, and their meaning, then you can install Longman Dictionary.

Longman dictionary app for android

Some of the best features of Longman Dictionary is as follows

  • More than 230,000 words, phrases, and their meaning
  • Easy to understand language with pictures
  • Get pronunciation of all words
  • Get Longman Vocabulary Checker
  • Choose Longman Thesaurus and build your vocabulary
  • You can clear an exam of TOEFL using this dictionary
  • Effective use of 9000 common words
  • You can use this dictionary to write and speak fluently
  • Integrated thesaurus with more than 18,000 synonyms and antonyms

Pro tips: very effective dictionary which can be used in offline mode

5. Dictionary

Are you looking for a dictionary which will help you in your ACT or SAT preparation, then you should consider installing,

Some of the features of Dictionary is as follows

  • Get more than 1.5million words, phrases definition, and synonyms
  • Improve your vocabulary and prepare for the ACT or SAT
  • Get help by voice search without typing any word
  • Accurate information of any words
  • Get in-app pronunciations of new words
  • Example sentences
  • Grammar and tips
  • Get help on Idioms and Phrases
  • Rhyming dictionary
  • Get Encyclopedia
  • A new medical dictionary
  • Get a new Science dictionary

Pro tips: many advanced features can be accessed by in-app purchase

6. Dictionary – WordWeb

One of the free dictionaries which can work in offline mode and has more than 258,000 words and phrases meaning is WordWeb dictionary.

Some of the best features of WordWeb is as follows

  • More than 285,000 words, phrases, and their derived forms
  • More than 225,000 words with sense definition
  • Free to use a dictionary with offline mode
  • More than 70,000 usage examples
  • Get more than 85,000 text pronunciations in this app
  • Thousand of word meaning with synonyms, similar and related words
  • Get American, International English or British accent
  • Get search facility
  • All alphabetical listing
  • Get spelling suggestion
  • Get all fast pattern matching search

Pro tips: free dictionary with tons of function.

7. English Dictionary – Offline

Great offline English Dictionary which is developed by “Livio” has more than 318,000 English definitions and meaning.

English dictionary app for android

Some of the best features of English Dictionary offline is as follows

  • Get more than 318,000 English definition
  • Manage faster searches
  • Manage your personal notes with bookmark
  • Play crossword to improve your words meaning
  • You can use this dictionary in offline
  • You can share word definition to other apps or software
  • It is compatible with Moon+Reader, FBReader

Pro tips: use this dictionary if you want to support in offline

8. U-Dictionary: Oxford Dictionary free now

U-Dictionary is free to use and can translate into 58 languages.

Some of the features of U-Dictionary are as follows

U-dictionary app for android
  • Get all the function of official Oxford dictionaries
  • You can get regional language support like 12 global languages which include 07 Indian language
  • You can get help from magic translate which can translate in any language
  • Text translate which can translate between 108 language
  • Get help from camera translation
  • Offline translation
  • Get perfect pronunciation like the UK (British) and US(American) accent
  • Get involved in word games to improve your vocabulary
  • Get some help form funny videos

Pro tips: U-dictionary can translate any word meaning into 108 language

Final words

So, these are the Best 08 Dictionary Apps for Android in 2019; we hope now you can choose between the best of which can help in your word meaning.

We have also incorporated some offline apps which are free and has tons of features which are worth looking.

Comment below on best dictionary which you think we have missed out or which one you like from our list.

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