10 Best Chrome Flags To Try in 2021

Best chrome flags

Do you want some hidden Easter Egg in Chrome Browser, which can elevate your Browsing experience?

Well, today, we are about to discuss some of the hidden cool features which are present in your favorite Chrome Browser.

These hidden features are called Chrome Flags and are mostly in the experimental phase.

These Chrome flags are a peep into the futures on “How Chrome will look” in the coming years.

But if you follow our tricks, then you will open a new experience with your browser in terms of

  • Better loading of the website in your browser
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Automatic Password generator
  • Faster and quicker tab close
  • Show auto-fill prediction
  • Reload offline pages
  • Automatically tab discarding to minimize memory usage
  • Get XPS in Google Cloud Print
  • Enable / Disable autoplay videos
  • Parallel Downloading
  • Enable Picture in Picture and many more

What are Chrome Flags?

Chrome flags are developmental features which are hidden from the general users.

Developers are working hard to find bugs, and which can be included in the next or near future of Chrome release.

Chrome has more than thousands of features on which developers are working and which also need extreme testing before it gets released in the stable patch.

These hidden features are called Chrome Flags.

How you can access Chrome Flags?

You can access Chrome flags by two methods, and they are as follows

Method 1

The most common method to open Chrome flags is to type

  • Chrome://flags/ (in your Chrome browser)

Method 2

Another alternative method to open Chrome flags is by typing

  • Chrome://chrome-URLs/

Use any of the two methods, and a new window tab will open with all hidden Chrome Flags.

You can check one by one, or you can use CTRL + F hotkey to find all the chrome flags we are going to discuss in our article.

10 Best Chrome Flags to try in 2019

Let’s dig on some of the best Chrome Flags which you can get in these hidden treasures.

1. Enable Parallel Downloading

One of the most frustrating features of browsers is they could not do parallel downloading.

You always rely on third party software for parallel downloading. Now parallel downloading means, splitting of files and assigning each download some memory to download faster.

Features of parallel downloading are

  • Enable/ Disable parallel downloading
  • It will split files and allocate CPU and memory chunk to each part to download faster
  • Best use of CPU parallel processor functionality
  • It will increase the downloading by 20%
  • Great way to manage computer resources to downloading files faster

Tip: Enable this feature of Chrome Flag, it you want faster download

2. Disable Autoplay Video

One of the frustrating things of online browsing is when video automatically starts playing and jarring our full screen.

Many websites deploy this policy of auto-play video without human intervention to grab user attention and show ads.

Some of the features of disabling auto-play video Chrome flags

  • Enable/ disable autoplay videos on any website
  • Disable auto sound on any website
  • Check the Autoplay policy given in the Chrome flags
  • Stop all irritating video and sounds which auto-play without human intervention

Tip: one of the best method to stop autoplay of video and sound on any website

3. Improve your Privacy

As you know, data is now a billion-dollar industry, where every action you perform online is being monitored, and relevant ads are pushed into your screen.

You can stop this by enabling Improve your privacy Chrome Flag features.

  • Enable improve your privacy
  • Top sites from site engagement – this will prevent Chrome from tracking your browsing history in the top website
  • Hyperlink auditing– this will stop all auditing pings which send a signal to the advertising company when you click certain elements on any website.
  • Get complete security of your online presence.
  • Stop all your online footprints by this Chrome flag
  • Block all malicious attack by creating a nil footprint for attackers

Tip: use this hidden Chrome Flag to stop any malicious attack on your online privacy

4. Reduce Microphone Echo

Do you love voice chat through a web browser using any social media platform such as Facebook or VK?

Then you must know how sometimes you get dreaded microphone echo.

You can now reduce those microphone echo using webRTC Echo Canceller 3.

Some of the features of echo canceller 3 are

  • Reduce echo on all social media platform such as Facebook or VK
  • You can expect to get zero echoes when you use web-based VOIP option
  • Based on webRTC echo protocol
  • Reduce your laptop mic echo to certain levels
  • Good feature if you don’t want to spend money on high-end noise-canceling hardware

Tip: use this feature if want echo-free voice chat on your Chrome browser

5. Auto-fill forms

There are many times when you required to use third-party software to auto-fill forms when you do the workdays or when you need to do it within a certain time.

Auto-fill facility is the best option for all those people who need to fill every time full details for flight booking, train booking or for hotel reservation and password.

You can now use Chrome flag called single-click autofill to fulfill all your requirement,

Some of the features of auto-fill forms are as follows

  • Enable single-click autofill flag
  • You can use this chrome flag for an auto-filling different website such as   
    • Flight booking
    • Train booking
    • Hotel booking
    • Repeated task online

Tip: one of the best features of Chrome flag which save valuable time for a repetitive task

6. Enable Picture in Picture function

Many time situations arise when you want to watch a video and at the same time, want to work on a different window.

To cater to that situation, Chrome flag has come up with Picture in Picture function, which means, now you can watch a video of any other website and work on a different tab.

Features of the picture in picture function

  • You can watch the video and work simultaneously on another tab
  • Get option like the picture in the picture by simply clicking option any video
  • A good option when you want to watch the video and do a different thing

Tip: use this option when you want to work simultaneously and watch video

7. Automatic Tab Discarding

One of the best features of low-end PC is automatic tab discarding, which means, tab which are not used will be discarded to save memory.

As you all know, computer allocate CPU and memory for each tab, and if you are not using any tab, then all the resources assigned to that tab will be wasted.

So, automatic tab discarding will reassign those resource to other work of Computer.

Features of automatic tab discarding

  • Save CPU and memory allocation of a computer when you enable this feature
  • Good feature for low-end computer
  • Automatically discard unused tab and reassign CPU and memory to other work on the CPU
  • Computer will make asleep to these unused tabs and will again reassign memory when you click on them

Tip: use this feature if you have a low-end computer and want to do multitasking while browsing.

8. Enable smooth Scrolling

If you want to experience smooth and litter free-scrolling of your Chrome browser, then you should enable this feature.

Smooth Scrolling Chrome flag will enable fast scrolling option which will help you litter-free animation and cancel slow loading of a website.

Some of the features of smooth scrolling Chrome flag are

  • Get the smooth scrolling of website content
  • No shuttering in animation while you scroll the website
  • Enable this Chrome flags option if you want smooth scrolling experience

Tip: Get this hidden Chrome flag for smoother website experience

9. Enable tab audio muting

Chrome will mute any tab which has auto-play audio playing inside the website.

Many times, it happens that you open more than 30 tabs, and suddenly you get sound in your speaker. Now it is very difficult to know in which tab or website this audio is running.

To carter this requirement, Chrome flag has a feature called “enable tab audio muting,” which will mute any auto-play audio.

Features of enable tab audio muting chrome flag

  • Mute auto play audio in any tab
  • Chrome will show a tiny speaker in the tab, which can be clicked to mute
  • Useful option when you work on the different tab at a time

Tip: this important feature is useful when you work on many tabs at a time

10. Enable Fast tab/ window close

This is cool features which enable you to close any tab or windows instantly without waiting.

This feature also handy when you will find many windows did not close, which you need to close forcefully.

Feature of enabling fast tab window close chrome flag

  • It will close any windows or tab immediately without waiting
  • The closing process will continue in the background
  • Speeds up your browsing and closing experience

Tip: use this feature to faster closing of windows and tab in Chrome browser

Final word

So, these are the top 10 best Chrome Flag, which you can enable in your Chrome browser for helpful features.

You can enable all these features and check how they help you in your daily task.

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