Best Chrome Extensions To Use in 2021

Best Chrome Extensions

Are you using Chrome, then these are the best extensions which you need to try in 2021?

Believe it or not, Chrome rules the browser world with more than 57% of the world using this browser to search for anything on the internet.

From innovation to hundreds of customizations available, Chrome browser becomes the de-facto standard of browser.

Chrome has opened its code to thousands of developers worldwide, which also gain huge popularity as thousand of codes join hands to develop new extensions for chrome.

With thousands of extensions and themes available on the internet for Chrome, we have summaries top 08 Chrome extension which you should incorporate in your browser.

Remember, these extensions can be installed free and can be removed from your Chrome browser without any problem.

08 Best Chrome Extension in 2021

So, let’s check the most promising Chrome extension which you can use to

1. AdBlock

One of the most widely used Chrome extension is “ADBLOCK,” which has more than 60 million users.

If you are irritated with hundred of ads on every page you open or visit, then it is time to install Chrome extension AdBlock.

This small extension will block ads from

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Another social media platform
  • Works on the static or dynamic website without any hassle
  • Blocks native ads from different native ads company like Taboola,
  • Protect you from potential malware attacks
  • It protects you from deceptive ads
  • Protect you from deceptive iframe ads
  • Install AdBlock extension to get protection from automatically download malware

AdBlock also participates into the whitelist “Accepted Ads,” which means you can allow certain ads which are relevant to your search criteria.

Tip: Highly recommend Chrome extension when you want to block ads.

2. Better History

You want to browse the credit score website on which you had subscribed 2 weeks ago. Now the problem is you did not remember the website?

So, you have the option to check the old internet browsing history by opening a Chrome browser and doing a shortcut

CTRL + H (press both the key simultaneously)

This will open a new tab windows, with all old browsing history of your Chrome.

Now when you want to search for anything in this window, it will be a mess.

You need to install “Better History” Chrome Extension to get a neat and clean interface with Time and date function.

Some of the features which are included in this Chrome Extension is as follows

  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Get all your internet browsing history in one place
  • Get all information in an organized way, such as          
    • Date wise
    • Hours wise
    • Check on the cool ribbon present with hour bar
  • You can also delete history if you don’t want anyone to peep into the URL
  • You can open any website by clicking on the URL being display in the history page
  • You can search for any keyword if you forget the date or time
    • For example, “credit score” will display all the credit score website you have search

Tip: Install Better history Chrome extension to revive any older browsing history.

3. The Great Suspender

Do you know your Computer assign resources of RAM & CPU for all inactive tabs of Chrome?

Well, now you can stop all resources allocation of RAM & CPU for inactive tabs with Chrome Extension called “The Great Suspender.”

Many times, it happens that we open more than 10 Chrome tabs and start doing other works. These open taps of Chrome browser actually hog CPU resources like RAM which make computer sluggish.

To overcome this situation, you can install “the great suspender,” which is released CPU resources like RAM from this inactive tab.

There are many unique features of the great suspender, and some of them are as follows

  • Best Chrome extension to stop RAM or CPU resources
  • Best Chrome Extension to RAM allocation for inactive tab
  • The computer will again allocate resources when you click on this tab
  • Help in boosting computer performance
  • Now you can forget the sluggish behavior of your computer
  • Option include “battery saver” mode which helps in saving laptop battery
  • You can also use the session management for better performance

Tip: best Chrome extension for removing inactive tab resources.

4. Google Dictionary

Do you want to know the exact meaning of the words you have come across?

Well, install the Google Dictionary for Chrome Extension, and you will be access to a big and better dictionary than Oxford and Cambridge.

With more than 2million users, Google Dictionary is the most trusted dictionary online.

Some of the features of the Google Dictionary Chrome extension is as follows

  • Get the meaning by double-clicking on the book icon
  • Get the latest information on the word with one click
  • Google Dictionary is online which means thousand of words being kept on adding
  • One of the biggest and largest stocks of words
  • Get the meaning of internet slang – which is not mentioned in any popular dictionary
  • Get word pronunciation

Tip: Install Google Dictionary extension, if you want words meaning without any hassle.

5. StayFocusd

Do you want to improve your work output?

Well, install the StayFocusd Chrome Extension to improve your work output.

Stayfocusd works on customizable timers’ option, which blocks all website after a certain time. This extension makes sure that you focus on your work rather than any social media platform such as Facebook.

Some of the unique features of Stayfocusd is as follows

  • Website blockers which help in works output
  • You can customize Maximum time allowed per day
  • You can customize this extension to block any social medium platform like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or Instagram with permission time
  • Stayfocusd will block any website you have to customize after a certain time to avoid addictiveness to the website
  • You can customize the maximum number of times you want to browse any website during the days and hours
  • One of the best extensions which help you achieve your goal by putting a restriction

Tip: use Stayfocusd extension to have some disciplined in life to achieve your goal.

6. Https everywhere

If you are unsure on doing the transaction on any HTTP website, then this Chrome extension is for you.

Use this Chrome Extension to make every website secure with HTTPS security. You need to install HTTPS everywhere extension to make the unencrypted website into Https protocol website.

Some of the unique features of HTTPS everywhere is as follows

  • Encrypt the online website without an SSL certificate
  • Browse tension free with secure website protocol intact
  • Get protection from surveillance and malware attack
  • Get protection from account hijacking
  • Change HTTP website into https protocol website
  • Based on Security of TOR project

Tip: use HTTPS Everywhere to secure your online protection by making all unprotection website into HTTPS while browsing.

7. Unseen Chat Privacy

Unseen Chat Privacy extension is only for those who are using Facebook chat and Facebook messenger.

Unseen Chat Privacy can hide the seen features of the Facebook chat, which means your friends or family member will not know that you have checked the message.

Some of the features of Unseen Chat Privacy is given below

  • Hides seen features from Facebook and Facebook messenger
  • It blocks the Seen features of Facebook Chat
  • It blocks the delivery receipts of Facebook Chat
  • It Blocks last active indicator of Facebook Chat
  • It Blocks the Typing indication of Facebook chat
  • Now you can be completely hidden in Facebook chat
  • No need to reply back when you read the message
  • Hide your online activity to all Facebook users

Tip: 100% recommend an extension to block many things on Facebook, which forces you to reply back.

8. Ghostery

Want to browse internet without being tracked?

Well, install Ghostery Chrome extension if you need to browse the internet anonymously.

Ghostery is a smart chrome extension which has many features some of then are as follows

  • Block all tracker in the website
  • Surf anonymously online
  • Help you save your online identity
  • Block all ads present on the website
  • Fast loading of Chrome browser
  • Safe to use when you don’t want to get tracked by anyone

Tip: Use Ghostery to surf anonymously and block ads.

Final words

So, these are the top 08 Chrome Extension which you need to install in your Chrome browser to perform better in 2021.

We have incorporated Stayfocusd extension in our list, to make sure you did not deviate from achieving your goal.

All these Chrome extensions are free to install and will make your life easily and more productive when you browse online.

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