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Best Android Browser apps

Are you looking for Best Browser for Android, which will supercharge your surf in 2019?

Well, there are hundreds of browsers available on internet for Android which claim to make your surf better.

But when you test it against our parameters, they did not live out to our expectation and tend to drop in the bottom.

So, we have summaries some of the fastest browser for android, which is come in Top 10 within our parameters.

What are the parameters on which we have decided for the best Android browsers?

We have checked all the browser in our parameters, which are given below

  • Faster opening of a website in Android Smartphone
  • Compatible with all version of Android Smartphone
  • Fastest downloading of files from the Internet on Android
  • How many add-ons are available for these browsers for Android
  • Security including effectively detecting any malware website
  • Privacy protection with safe browsing
  • Ease of use with minimum tabs present in the browser
  • Other, features like
    • Fast opening of Tabs
    • Incognito mode support
    • Telephone support
    • Open source vs. propriety software

So, these are the parameters on which we have tested all browsers, and based on their result, we have summarized top 10 best Android browsers for 2019.

10 Best Browser for Android

To our surprise, we have come up with a new leader who uses chrome core architecture but made some quite improvement on its speeding feature.

1. Brave Browser

Defeating two biggest contenders in browser category, Brave browser come out to be the fastest and the most promising browser of the year.

In our test, Brave browser lead over Firefox and Chrome browser and defeat them with more than 10%.

Which means Brave browser is 10% faster than other, two heavyweight champion browser, Firefox, and Chrome.

Some of the features of Brave browser is as follows

  • Fast and Secure web browsing
  • Free built-in software of AdBlocker
  • Detect and prevent pop up
  • Saves your battery while you surf the web
  • Ads-free browser
  • Free from tracking as it blocks all tracking or cookies
  • Make uses of Https to browse online website
  • Inbuild Script blocker
  • Inbuild 3rd party cookie blocker
  • Get your browsing history
  • You can use its own private search engine

Pro tips: Brave Browser came out to be no#1 browser in our test, and we recommend using this browser in your Android Smartphone.

2. Mozilla Firefox browser

Mozilla Firefox browser becomes the no#2 browsers in our test.

What we find interesting in Mozilla Firefox is the way it handled the malware-related website and how fast it responds to user touch.

We find Mozilla Firefox fastest among many browsers and has tons of features which are worth mentioning in this article.

Some of the features of Mozilla Firefox browser are as follows

  • Fast, reliable and made with passion
  • Get top-notch privacy with this web browser
  • You can Sync Firefox across all your devices
  • Get hundred of adds for your Firefox browser
  • Effectively blocks malware website
  • Good use of multiple tabs
  • Good resource management for optimizing Android battery
  • You can find Mozilla Firefox for both iOS and Android

Pro tips: Use Mozilla Firefox browser for speed, reliability, and privacy of your data.

3. Google Chrome

As you all know, Google Chrome is the de-facto standard in the browser category.

Every browser which builds its core uses chrome as a baseline and test its browser strength against it.

Google Chrome is being used by 60% of the world population in Desktop PC.

In our test for browser for Android Google Chrome fair among many others and stood on 3rd place.

Google Chrome has many features which you should know before you install this on your Smartphone

  • Fast and reliable browser
  • Compatible with all version of Android
  • Syn your Chrome browser with all device you hold
  • Search the web using the address bar
  • Tons of addon for Google Chrome
  • Access all the product of Google-like
    • Gmail
    • Google Drive
    • Google maps
    • Google news
    • Google contracts
    • Google Calendar
    • Google Photos
  • Effective use of Incognito browser to stop tacking
  • Effective use of Google Voice Search
  • Built-in Effective Google Translate
  • Effective use of spending fewer mobile data
  • Many personalize themes from which you can choose your style

Pro tips: use Google Chrome for fast and reliable feature with tons of additional features.

4. Microsoft Edge

One of the underrated browsers which surprise us in our test was Microsoft Edge.”

Microsoft Edge has fair upon many other browsers and came out in 4th position in our exclusive test.

Contrary to popular believe, Microsoft Edge is very fast in Android mobile and turn out to be best in its category for addressing malicious and malware website.

Some of the features of Microsoft Edge is as follows

  • Fast and secure browser
  • You can do data sync across many platforms using Microsoft Edge
  • Get Hub View with your favorite reading list
  • QR Code Reader
  • Get Voice Search in your Browser
  • Effective use of InPrivate Mode
  • Effectively blocking of a malicious website
  • Effective detection of phishing website
  • You can Syn your Windows 10 data with Android Smartphone

Pro tips: you can use Microsoft Edge for Trust, fast and reliable.

5. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser has surprised us with great speed and fast loading tabs in Android Smartphone.

There are many proven features which are worth mentioning for Dolphin browser, some of them are as follows

  • Fast and secure browser
  • Inbuild flash player
  • Inbuild AdBlock with pop up blocker
  • Get used of resources when open multiple tabs
  • Use bookmarks to save your favorite website
  • You can use the feature call personalized search
  • Fast downloading
  • Effective use of incognito or private browsing
  • Best use of gestures control
  • Effective use of sonar
  • Get hundred of Themes for Dolphin browser

Pro tips: use Dolphin Browser, which is trusted by more than 50 Million users.

6. Ecosia Browser

Ecosia Browser has more than 8 million people who are supporting this browser for plantation of trees.

Ecosia Browser donates 80% of its profits to enrich the environment by planting tree across globe.

Ecosia Browser uses the chromium’s open source project architecture to build its repository.

Some of the features of Ecosia Browser is as follows

  • Based on Chromium Architecture which is fast and secure
  • Get multiple tabs with resource management
  • Get private mode with effective blocking of cookies and tracking
  • Get a history tab
  • Get your bookmarks
  • Faster download
  • Use this browser if you want to contribute towards the environment

Pro tips: use Ecosia Browser as they donate 82% of their profit for planting a tree.

7. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser is based on Chromium and WebKit, which means faster opening and faster download.

Some of the features of Kiwi Browser is as follows

  • Kiwi Browser code is developed using Chromium
  • Fast browsing and faster download
  • Powerful ad block which removes intrusive ads
  • Strong pop-ups blocker
  • The first browser to use Crypto-jacking protection
  • Chat facility available for FB messenger without installing Facebook app
  • New introduction of the bottom address bar
  • You can disable AMP setting
  • You can effectively block annoying notifications
  • Effectively block trackers
  • Get translation of the website in 60 languages
  • Great import / export bookmark features
  • You can create a custom download folder

Pro tips: install Kiwi Browser for tons of features available in it.

8. Lightning Web Browser +

Lightning browser is not the regular type browser, but this browser has speed and security which impress us and make this in our top 10 browsers of 2019.

Some of the features of lightning browser are as follows

  • Great and fast browser
  • Best material design browser
  • Great speed which uses Web Kit rendering engine
  • Great privacy with incognito mode
  • Get option like adblocking and pop-up blocking
  • Effective use of unlimited tabs
  • Features like
    • Fullscreen
    •  AdBlock
    • Inverted rendering
    • Bookmarks
    • History
    • User agents
    • Reading mode
  • Open-source which means codes can be added to make it better and faster

Pro tips: Lightning Web is very cool and effective small browser with tons of features which you can use to browse in 2019

9. Opera Browser

Opera Browser is back with Opera Touch, which makes all the features of opera available with fast browsing.

Opera browser, which has one time 3rd biggest user base loses its steam and plunge into below top 10, has come back finally.

We have tested Opera browser with our parameter and found it worth to mention in the top 10 fastest Android Browser in 2019.

Some of the features of Opera browser is as follows

  • User Opera touch feature to browse faster
  • Cool themes which will make your day
  • Fast loading of website and fast download
  • Opera won the Red Dot Award for its dashboard interface design
  • Search anything with the use of Voice search or touch search feature
  • Use Opera Touch feature of Scanning barcode
  • Get some action button on your browser screen to make browsing and searching easy
  • Safe and secure browsing with end-to-end encryption
  • Reduce Android mobile getting overheating
  • Reduce Android mobile running us of battery
  • Great use of ad blocker

10. Surfy Browser

Surfy browser has tons of features which make this web browser unique.

Some of the features of Surfy browser is as follows

  • Superfluid interface to browse website
  • Effective user of passcode and fingerprint protection
  • Get the protection of any website with passcode or fingerprint
  • Personalize your web browser according to your taste and color
  • You can even build your own toolbar and surf the web
  • You can listen to a website using text-to-speech software
  • Get immersive full-screen Android browsing experience
  • Get swipeable tabs
  • Effective use of ad Blocker
  • Prevent all tracking
  • Get instant search result from the address bar
  • It can optimize your mobile and reduce your data usage by 20%
  • You can save password and login details in a web browser
  • Get night dimmer to work effectively is nigh

Pro tips: use Surfy Browser which has tons of features

Final words

So, these are the 10 Best Browser for Android to supercharge your Surf in 2019.

We hope you use all these browsers which are have listed in our article to supercharge your surf experience in 2019.

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