Digital Built Britain: Our Vision

The Level 3 programme will be branded “Digital Built Britain”. The programme will deliver all of the aspirations set out in the 2008 Bew-Richards Wedge, but will create relationships outside the traditional construction sector to create a holistic outward looking, inclusive industry that is seen to demonstrably add significant value and be seen as a diverse and attractive employer.

Level 3 will enable the interconnected digital design of different elements in a built environment and will extend BIM into the operation of assets over their lifetimes – where the lion’s share of cost arises. It will support the accelerated delivery of smart cities, services and grids. Owners and operators will be able to better manage assets and services as they track their real-time efficiency, maximising utilisation and minimising energy use.

The Digital Built Britain programme comprises three main strands

  • Level 2 legacy activity, to continue to drive Level 2 uptake and realise further savings;
  • Addressing those development needs which, albeit complex and time consuming, are grounded in current knowledge and understanding (eg developing new construction contracts, IPR protocols, some aspects of data interoperability);
  • Areas going beyond our current knowledge and requiring the interaction of differing technologies (eg sensor and systems). This will require some significant development work, technology transfer and joint working between other sectors and academia.

The programme will continue to prioritise facilitating access and take-up, as well as addressing challenges associated with interaction of data from different elements of the built environment, notably security – generating the data to maximise social and commercial benefits, while ensuring the controlled exposure of open data that this requires does not present security risks.

BIM is now internationally recognised as a technology which will deliver a step-change in cost, time, quality, and waste performance in construction. As a result of the Level 2 initiative, the UK has a world-leading position in BIM. Standards developed by the UK Task Group are being adopted internationally, creating know-how advantages for UK firms in export markets. It is an explicit aim of the Level 3 programme to lead global BIM-standards to ensure we continue to facilitate export opportunities for professional and contracting services as well as data-compliant construction product manufacturers. This will also support new employment in the knowledge economy supporting construction, facilities management, software and hardware application businesses.